Meet iFit Personal Trainers With NordicTrack

Meet New iFit Personal Trainers With NordicTrack

Personal trainers are individuals who are certified to help people exercise – helping their clients understand their personal fitness goals and how to achieve them. However, NordicTrack iFit® Personal Trainers are world-renowned coaches from all walks of life – available to you as your own personal trainer and also your mentor, your motivator, and your friend. iFit personal trainers take health very seriously and they make it their point to help you to get into the best shape of your life while also having fun.

iFit takes you on a journey of healthy living and makes it enjoyable each day. See for yourself:

Who are these iFit Personal Trainers we speak of? Well, let us introduce you, and get familiar with who you’ll be working out with every day.

iFit Personal Trainer: Adam Pedicini

“Move often, move with intention, and move with a smile on your face.”

Born and raised in Australia, Adam Pedicini has had a love for healthy, adventurous living since he was young. As he’s been able to forge a career in the arts and in fitness, he’s never lost his sense of play and imagination. With years of experience in coaching group exercise, strength, conditioning, biking, and CrossFit®, he’s also danced, sailed, skied, and kayaked all over the world. His zest for life shines through in everything he does, and he enjoys nothing more than teaching movement and helping people discover the joys of a healthy lifestyle.



Youtube: Adam Pedicini

iFit Personal Trainer: Alex Silver-Fagan

“You can be anyone and do anything you want, as long as you work for it.”

Alex Silver-Fagan started her career right after she graduated from NYU. As a Nike® Trainer and model, she works regularly with publications like Shape, Self, and Women’s Health. With a passion to constantly get stronger and better, she combines a variety of fitness genres in her training regimen, including powerlifting, endurance training, and rowing. Alex is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), combining her yoga training and love of movement to help her clients truly understand the connection to their mind and body.


Instagram: @alexsilverfagan

Facebook: @alexsilverfagan

iFit Personal Trainer: Alyssa Schlom

“No one can ever take your best away from you.”

Since she was young, Alyssa Schlom has always been involved in athletics. From cheer competitions to track meets, she’s loved sports from day one. After finishing high school in Orange County, California, she decided to no longer cheer and instead pursued track and field at UC Santa Barbara. She competed for two years before transferring to TCU, where she joined the cheer team. She also became a cycling and core instructor at the university’s recreation center. Right now, she’s one of the iFit cycle coaches and training to be a Pilates instructor at a boutique studio.


iFit Personal Trainer: Anja Garcia

“What can you do today to make yourself better than you were yesterday?”

Anja Garcia is an AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer who’s filmed workouts for Daily Burn®, Xbox® Fitness, and Power Music™. She’s also a full-time registered pediatric ICU nurse in Los Angeles, California. After competing in collegiate gymnastics, Anja went on to receive her nursing degree before moving to Los Angeles to work at UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital, where she continues to pursue her nursing career, as well as teach fitness on the side. She loves doing both and having the ability to change lives everyday through proper health, nutrition, and fitness education.


Instagram: @anjagarcia

Facebook: @anjagarciatrainer

Youtube: Anja Garcia

iFit Personal Trainer: Annica Hansen

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!”

Annica Hansen grew up in Tonisvorst, Germany before starting a modeling career at the age of 18. In 2004, she presented, for the first time on television, as a sportscaster. Since that moment, Annica knew she wanted to create a place in the TV landscape as a presenter. Because of her unique TV experience, she was selected as the lead guide for our Austria Walking Tour video program. Aside from her passion for presenting, she’s also an avid golf player and equestrian.


Instagram: @woelbchen

Facebook: @annicahansen

Youtube: Annica Hansen

iFit Personal Trainer: Betina Gozo

“It’s one thing to say you can do something. It’s another to believe that you can.”

Betina Gozo is a full-time personal trainer, group trainer, and independent contractor in Portland, Oregon, where she also works at the Nike® World Headquarters. As an ACE and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Betina has taught everything from Zumba® to HIIT classes. She’s also a Nike® Master Trainer, having led workout classes and live events throughout the United States for as many as 500 people. Betina’s training philosophies stem from functional movement, as she strives to provide the tools and movement education each individual needs to live their healthiest and best life.


Instagram: @betinagozo

Facebook: @betinagozo

Youtube: Betina Gozo

iFit Personal Trainer: Braden Lee

Braden Lee is a retired professional hockey player from Queenstown, New Zealand. He’s played in seven World Championships and is one of New Zealand’s highest capped national team players of all time. In 2009, Braden opened his own fitness facility called Fight Science in his hometown of Queensland, New Zealand, where he runs boot camps all year long. With his extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition and fitness, he’s been able to train a very special and select group of individuals, ranging from professional hockey players to NCAA® tennis players.


iFit Personal Trainer: Briohny Smyth

“Pain that has not yet come is avoidable.”

Briohny Smyth is a yogi, artist, jetsetter, teacher, healer, mother, and student at heart. After years of battling with anorexia and bulimia, she discovered yoga in Thailand in 1999, which launched her on a path toward healing, health, and purpose. After the birth of her daughter in 2004, she decided to share her passion for yoga with others and set foot on a lifelong journey of teaching. Mentored by Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford at YogaWorks®, Briohny became a certified 500 E-RYT, expanding her passion for sharing yoga into teacher trainings through her FitFlowFly Yoga School.


Instagram: @yogawithbriohny

Facebook: @yogawithbriohny

iFit Personal Trainer: Camille Fiducia

“Sometimes, we must look down and work. Other times, we must look up and live.”

Camille Fiducia grew up in the mountains with her father, embracing the simple way of life and fostering a connection with the outdoor world. Her upbringing has inspired her to travel the world and learn as much as she can. A dedicated yogi, avid rock climber, and experienced runner, Camille is always outside and on the go. To her, health is everything, so she makes daily exercise and healthy eating a mandatory part of her life. With her hands in many different facets of fitness, she brings passion and vivacity to the iFit team.


Instagram: @camabam

Facebook: @Camille-Fiducia

iFit Personal Trainer: Carmel Rodriguez

“Hard work, dedication, and consistency will get you to your dream, whatever dream that may be.”

Raised in Vancouver, Canada, Lynx Fitness™ Master Trainer, Carmel Rodriguez, brings over 20 years of fitness experience to the iFit team. She is a personal trainer, influencer, and the founder and creator of the YG12 series. Her fame rapidly grew after she published a series of workout videos online that became popular due to their uniqueness and her specific style of training. With a knack for perfecting acrobat-level handstands and inversions, she earned a spot as one of Instagram® Top 10 New Female Fitness Gurus by the New York Observer.


Instagram: @carmelrodriguezfit

Facebook: @carmelrodriguezathlete

Youtube: Carmel Rodriguez

iFit Personal Trainer: Charlotte Jackson

Charlotte Louise Jackson is an English journalist and is best known for her work on Sky®, presenting Sky Sports News®, Champions League™ coverage ,the EuroPro Tour™ Golf as well as appearing on the panel of the popular comedy sports game show ‘A League Of Their Own’. She loves playing sports and keeping fit, having played lacrosse and tennis for her county. Charlotte is now a keen golfer, regularly plays tennis and supports Liverpool FC™. She also loves to travel sampling different foods and different cultures.

iFit Personal Trainer: Chris Clark

“Don’t just participate in life—go get it. Stand out and be the best version of you.”


After graduating from Indiana University on a track scholarship, Chris Clark discovered his passion for personal training almost 35 years ago. As a three-time All-American athlete, he’s trained collegiate and professional teams. In his own training, Chris focuses on mindset, movement, nutrition, and regeneration—four elements he refers to as the Tiger Method. His training style is challenging, motivating, and constantly changing, with a focus on pushing his clients to do more than they think they can.


Instagram: @betigerfit

Facebook: @betigerfit

Youtube: TAthletics

iFit Personal Trainer: Christian Mazzilli

“Find a passion for the work.”

As an actor and model, fitness has always been an integral part of Christian Mazzilli’s lifestyle. Growing up in Canada, he developed a positive relationship with physical fitness through hockey. In 2017, he decided to share his enjoyment for physical activity and become a fitness instructor. He’s worked with Toronto-based gym, Scullhouse Rowing, to develop high-intensity, low-impact workouts that provide a unique, unparalleled experience. While teaching, he hopes to help others feel one with their power.

iFit Personal Trainer: Eliana Mansyur

“You only have one body. Treat it like a temple and take care of it.”


Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Eliana Mansyur is a mother, dancer, and cycle coach now based in Berlin. As a certified studio cycling instructor with over 20 years of professional dance experience, she brings a unique twist to each of her workouts. She likes to focus on cadence and rhythm, using music as a way to help give riders that extra push. Eliana’s favorite exercises on the bike are heavy hills and tapbacks. Off the bike, she loves squats, any core exercise, yoga, and Muay Thai. Her passion: being a part of someone’s fitness journey.

iFit Personal Trainer: Emily Paskins

“When you push past your breaking point, that’s when you’ll see results.”

After graduating from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in Human Movement Science, Emily Paskins accepted a position at ICON Health and Fitness where she currently works with their Research and Development team testing fitness equipment, designing workout protocol, and delivering online training to thousands of people. With years of experience under her belt and several specialized certifications in circuit training, group training, and recovery, she’s been able to inspire people and witness life-changing experiences through the power of proper exercise.

Instagram: @emilylauren_p

Facebook: @emilypaskins

iFit Personal Trainer: Evan Dollard

“The best version of yourself begins with a clear picture of purpose.”


Evan Dollard is a nationally recognized TV host, personality, and athlete who got his start in television by climbing and jousting his way to a championship title on NBC’s ‘American Gladiators®’. He later leveraged his fame as ‘The Rocket’ to become a five-time fan favorite on NBC® smash hit  show ‘American Ninja Warrior®’. Originally from Chicago, this Los Angeles transplant quickly earned a reputation in the active lifestyle space as an expert on fitness, overcoming obstacles, and living life to the fullest.


Instagram: @evandollard

Facebook: @evan.dollard.1

Youtube: Evan Dollard

iFit Personal Trainer: Florent Thevenot

Florent Thevenot grew up in a small town just north of Paris. Born into a healthy, sporty family, he was always doing some type of physical activity, whether it was skiing, swimming, biking, or tennis. After competing for years in several sports, he realized he wanted to pursue a career in fitness and well-being. His favorite part about being a trainer is sharing and teaching something he’s learned, as he believes we can all learn something from each other. You can expect Florent to give 100% of himself during his workouts with a few jokes here and there to keep things fun and entertaining.

Instagram: @florentthevenot

Facebook: @florent-thevenot

Youtube: Florent Thevenot

iFit Personal Trainer: Gideon Akande

“Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to change the world—just go for it.”

A Chicago native and lifelong athlete, Gideon Akande graduated from the College of the Holy Cross where he played Division I football. In 2010, he became a full-time personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Since then, his success and following has skyrocketed with Huffington Post naming his Instagram® account one of the best fitness accounts in the country. Gideon’s versatile training techniques will challenge your body in every direction as he consistently motivates with his positive attitude, contagious energy, and wholehearted belief in each person’s success.


Instagram: @getfitwithgiddy

Facebook: @gideonakande

Twitter: @getfitwithgiddy

iFit Personal Trainer: Hannah Eden

“Don’t stop until you succeed.”

For years, Hannah Eden has worked on her craft as a coach and
CrossFit® athlete. In 2014, she began competing at an elite level, becoming one of the Top 100 Fittest Women in the Southeast Region of the U.S. Shortly after, she started PumpFit Club – a boutique, upscale facility that hosts group sessions with a unique approach to HIIT training. That experience, combined with her knowledge in free-weight training and olympic lifting, is what makes Hannah one of the top fitness leaders today. You can expect her workouts to be a little wild, sometimes inappropriate, and always a good sweat.


Instagram: @hannaheden_fitness

Facebook: @hannahedenfitness

iFit Personal Trainer: Idalis Velazquez

“Fitness is all about what you can do, progressing and getting better.”

Idalis Velazquez grew up in Puerto Rico and later attended Florida Atlantic University where she competed in NCAA® Division 1 track and field and set the school record for the indoor long jump. Today, she’s a top expert in fat-loss training and total-body fitness in Miami, Florida, as well as a wife and proud mother of two girls. With a diverse set of training skills, Idalis specializes in fast, functional, and efficient workouts. She believes in using foundational movements – designing each workout with timesaving precision and a specific purpose in mind.


Instagram: @ivfitness

Twitter: @ivfitness

iFit Personal Trainer: Jay Wein

“Enjoy what you do.”

Jay Wein is a rowing coach and competitive
CrossFit® athlete from New Jersey. He discovered CrossFit® after playing hockey for Suffolk University before picking up rowing. He now teaches rowing and HIIT classes in New York City – bringing his knowledge of functional fitness, passion for pushing harder, and love of heavy lifting to each of his workouts.


Instagram: @dicey_mcsorely

Facebook: @jay.wein

iFit Personal Trainer: Jeni DelPozo

“It doesn’t get easier – you just get stronger.”

Jeni DelPozo grew up in Southern California where she spent her childhood dancing and being active. For over 18 years, she danced competitively and professionally, almost scoring the leading role in the movie “Step Up.” While she specializes in Pilates, she’s also nationally certified in Barworks and Schwinn Indoor Cycling. Her goal during every workout is to create a motivating environment and spark a desire to live a healthy lifestyle, whether that’s getting fit, being in less pain, or having more energy for life’s daily activities.


Instagram: @jenidelpozo_fitness

Facebook: @jeni.delpozo

iFit® Personal Trainer: Jenni Johnson

“You are only as strong as your mind. Training your mind is just as important as training your body.”

Jenni Johnson is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist with a BS in Kinesiology and MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. She lives and breathes fitness everyday, and is currently training for the Olympic® Trials in the marathon event (current PR—2:49:08). To stay up to date on the latest exercise research, Jenni is constantly increasing her knowledge and education. She brings an amazing, positive energy to her workouts and believes you should work hard, but also have fun.



iFit Personal Trainer: Jessica Benne

“Push yourself out of your comfort zone every day.”

Jessica Benne is a broadcast journalist and fitness enthusiast based in Berlin, Germany. While growing up on the beaches of Southern California and Cape Town, her passion for working up a sweat started at a young age. Although most of her mornings start with a run in Englischer Garten, she loves everything from Latin dancing to intense HIIT workouts. Fun fact: she speaks German, Spanish, Italian, and English fluently.

iFit Personal Trainer: John Peel

“There is no better feeling than a good sweat. It’s the best way to feel alive.”

John Peel is a former NCAA® Division I football player for the University of Utah. Upon graduating, he returned to his hometown of sunny Los Angeles, California and transformed his passion for athletics into a personal training career. John designs his workouts to be very dynamic while maximizing time and energy. His style is fun and fast-paced, and his workouts always include these three things: supersets, elevated heart rate, and lots of core work. His main goal for you? To sweat!


Instagram: @johnpeelfitness

Twitter: @johnpeelfitness

iFit Personal Trainer: Jonnie Gale

“I’m not going to let you off easy. I’m going to push you hard, but you’re going to have fun doing it.”

Jonnie Gale has had a passion for fitness and athletics from a very young age. After playing nearly every sport up until high school, he went on to receive an athletic scholarship at Weber State University where he ran track and field. After college, he continued his rigorous fitness regime, primarily focusing on weight and speed training, before deciding that he wanted to help others train at an elite level too.

Instagram: @jonniegale

Facebook: @jonnie.gale.5

iFit Personal Trainer: Justin Rubin

“Whether you’re starting out or starting over, you belong here. We are in this together!”

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Justin Rubin discovered his passion for fitness at the Japan Karate Association where he earned a second-degree black belt. After moving to Los Angeles, his passion soon turned into a career and he later became the Equinox® Group Fitness Manager of the Westwood location – managing over 100 classes per week and coaching dozens of instructors. Certified by AFAA, Schwinn® Cycling, and Equinox™ own EFTI® program, Justin teaches studio cycling classes around the Los Angeles area and endeavors to bring out the best in everyone he coaches.

Instagram: @thejustinrubin

Facebook: @justinrubinfitness

Twitter: @justinrubin

iFit Personal Trainer: Kym Nonstop Perfetto

“Never give up.”

Kym Perfetto is an American fitness expert, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, competitive cyclist, actress, and stuntwoman based in New York City. In the mid 2000s, she took a job working the front desk of a gym which sparked her desire to become an instructor. Since then, she’s become one of the top trainers and most sought out studio cycling instructors in America. She invented the Soul Bands class at SoulCycle® which has been featured in Vogue and was voted best fitness class by New York Magazine.


Instagram: @kymnonstop

Twitter: @kymnonstop

Youtube: @kymnonstop

iFit Personal Trainer: Matt Novakovich

“I believe in consistent consistency. You just have to keep doing it and you’ll keep improving.”

Born and raised in Alaska, it’s no surprise that Matt Novakovich is an avid outdoorsman. Nicknamed “The Bear” after his first obstacle course race, this father of four isn’t just a 2015 Spartan® Elite Team World Champion, Mt. Marathon champion, and 6-time world mountain record holder, he also owns a roofing business, spending his days climbing ladders, and carrying hundreds of pounds of materials onto rooftops. He considers it another training ground for what he loves to do: endurance sports and obstacle course racing.


Instagram: @mattnovakovich

Facebook: @MattTheBearNovakovich

Twitter: @novakovich5

iFit Personal Trainer: Mike Vasquez

“As long as you’re moving, you will get better.”

Michael Vazquez got started in fitness because he wanted to have more energy for his newborn son. After a year of training, he fell in love with working out and started posting workouts to his social media, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers. With a background in breakdancing, calisthenics, and traditional barbell movements, Michael has created a signature training style that’s not for the faint of heart. His workouts move quickly and primarily focus on speed, power, and strength.

Facebook: @michaelcvazquez

Instagram: @michaelcvazquez

iFit Personal Trainer: Monique Lopes

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Monique Lopes is a bodybuilder and fitness model from South Africa who discovered her passion for fitness through karate as a child. From her first punch, she fell in love with movement, being active, and feeling strong and fit. Fast forward to her second year of college when bodybuilding found its way into her life. Four weeks after learning what bodybuilding even was, Monique competed in her first show. She hasn’t looked back since! When she’s not in the gym, she loves walking on the beach, cooking healthy meals with her mom, hanging out with family, and exploring the outdoors.


Facebook: @moniquelopesfit

Twitter: @monique_fit

iFit Personal Trainer: Nick Hounslow

“It doesn’t always feel good, but it WILL look good.”

Nick Hounslow is a fitness expert, celebrity trainer, actor, and model. At the age of 18, he left his home just outside of London to pursue a career in modeling. When Nick isn’t in front of the camera, you can find him teaching sold-out, impossible-to-get-into studio cycling classes at Cycle House in LA or sculpting the bodies of Hollywood A-listers. His innate ability to connect with clients and push them beyond what they think they are capable of is what makes them come back for more.


Instagram: @nickhounslow

Facebook: @officialnickhounslow

Twitter: @nickhounslow

iFit Personal Trainer: Nicole Meline

“Know that you already have what it takes.”

Nicole Meline is a NYC-based yoga and cycle instructor who brings a spiritual twist to her workouts. She got started in the fitness industry while still in grad school because she needed a job with untraditional hours. Since then, she’s been deeply passionate about spirited movement and revelatory stillness, helping others learn how to move with strength and joy. Nicole currently leads online transcendent workouts that connect your body and mind, as well as soulful wellness retreats around the world.


Instagram: @nicolemeline

Facebook: @nicolejoymeline

Twitter: @nicolejoymeline

iFit Personal Trainer: Paul Fraser

“The goal is to always be a better version of yourself.”

Originally from Staffordshire, England, Paul Fraser is a former professional rugby player and accomplished rower, who now competes as a master in regional, national, and world championship regattas. His experience with elite-level athletics taught him that training for performance is based on far more than just talent and physical attributes. It requires a trained body, resilient mentality, and a great deal of planning. As a top athlete and coach, Paul’s training style is focused and varied. He likes long, steady workouts coupled with sprints and compound lifts.

iFit Personal Trainer: Reagan Pearce

“You can have excuses or you can have results, but you can’t have both.”

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 10 years old, Reagan Pearce was told he’d never excel at sports. Since then, he’s proved his doctor wrong in every way. Reagan has played professional rugby in New Zealand and Italy, and also competed in some of the most brutal multisport events in New Zealand, including coast-to-coast, mountain biking, and peak-to-peak endurance races. His favorite part about being a trainer is helping people push past their mental and physical challenges while working hard and having fun.

iFit Personal Trainer: Stacie Clark

“Staying fit is a lifestyle.”

Stacie Clark’s passion for health and fitness began in childhood. In high school, she excelled as a three-sport varsity athlete, and has since channeled that love for sports into a successful career. She’s now a celebrity trainer, mother of two, and cofounder and CEO of Tiger Athletics. When Stacie’s away from work, she continues to embrace an active, athletic lifestyle, training and competing in adventure races, CrossFit® challenges, and races ranging from 10Ks to urbanathlons.


Facebook: @stacieclarklifestylebrands

Twitter: @stacieclarklife

iFit Personal Trainer: Steve Uria

“Every part of me does this to share my love for fitness and help people change.”

Steve Uria is an internationally acclaimed visionary whose fitness career has spanned over three decades. As founder of Switch Playground – a cutting-edge workout studio in New York – his programs have revolutionized the fitness industry, including the very first Bootcamp, Ruthless, Blast 900, and SWEAT 1000. Whether he’s training a beginner or coaching professional athletes, such as Oscar de la Hoya, Jamal Lewis, and Charles Barkley, Steve’s mission is simple: to bring out the very best in each client that walks through his doors, and have them leave feeling stronger than when they walked in.


Instagram: @steveuria

Twitter: @steveuria

iFit Personal Trainer: Tanya Poppett

“Exercise should be a reward for your body, not a punishment.”

Born and raised near the beach in Australia, Tanya Poppett grew up loving the outdoors. Today, she runs HIIT bootcamps and leads her own fitness retreats where she guides a small group of fellow travelers through physically challenging destination activities. Tanya’s strong belief that “fit and healthy” looks different on everyone has led her to develop innovative ways of getting fit and staying active. Admired by thousands of people around the globe, her goal is to create workouts that are fun, effective, and time-friendly.


Instagram: @tanyapoppett

Facebook: @achievingbalanceau

iFit Personal Trainer: Tommy Rivers Puzey

“Everybody wants to know the secret to success. The only secret is consistency.”

Tommy Rivers Puzey has loved running ever since he was a little kid. As a professional endurance athlete and coach, he specializes in exercise physiology, health and wellness, nutrition, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. After working and traveling extensively throughout Mexico and Central America, Tommy headed back to the U.S. to complete his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy at NAU and become an LMT. He eventually settled with his family in Flagstaff where he trains for road marathons and mountain ultramarathons.

Instagram: @tommy_rivs

Facebook: @thomas.puzey

Twitter: @tommy_rivs

iFit Personal Trainer: Tonia Sackett

“Train the quit out of you.”

Tonia Sackett grew up in Eugene, Oregon where she learned to row at the age of 14. She found an immediate affinity for rowing and soon found herself training with the Junior National Team. She later competed for Duke University, graduating with academic and athletic honors. As an athlete and USRowing® Level 2 coach, Tonia is known for her attention to technique, both on the water and the rowing machine. She continues to compete and also enjoys a variety in her training including barre, hiking, boxing, and yoga. Right now, Tonia splits her time between Scottsdale, Arizona and Park City, Utah.

iFit Personal Trainer: Trice Johnson

“Let loose, forget everything else, and live in the moment of your workout.”

Nothing ever slows down Trice Johnson, the “Icon of Cycling”. Born in Chicago, but raised in North Carolina, Trice’s career in fitness sprung from her early love of tennis. She was a successful tennis player during college before crossing over into fitness training and earning her certification through AFAA. As a cycling instructor and personal trainer, her goal is to motivate people to reach their full potential on the bike. Trice’s favorite exercise: jumps.

Instagram: @tricej01

Facebook: @trice.johnson.31

Twitter: @tricej85

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