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What is the most effective training program for burning fat?

How do you train to reduce body fat?
According to the latest scientific studies, HIIT (split interval training) and muscle strengthening are two particularly effective
techniques for activating fat burning. Endurance training also has its place in a fitness programme, but sessions of more
than 30 to 40 minutes of moderate-intensity effort should be planned so that the body draws on fat stocks.


Brisk walking: Advice and tips for losing weight while walking

A healthy exercise, such as brisk walking, offers the advantage of being accessible to all, even after pregnancy or for those who want to start exercising. It is the easiest workout for weight loss. Walk using your whole body, at a minimum speed of 4 km/h. With several sessions of more than 30 minutes per week, and you will soon see encouraging results!


Your post-holiday calorie-burning schedule

After the holidays, start by eliminating toxins and fats, and rest your body by starting a weeklong detox programme. Accompany your good resolutions with a return to sport and exercise: cardio activities are ideal for slimming down and losing calories. By following good lifestyle habits that combine sport, diet and sleep, you should quickly achieve lasting results.


Weight loss: your personalised program

Cardio training and muscle building are the two basic components of training for weight loss. To make sure you reach your goal, plan your sessions and focus on consistency. Virtual coaching is an excellent option to follow your progress and measure the results obtained on a daily basis. IFitĀ® SD Weight Loss cards contain preset workouts to help you prepare for your exercise programme.