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Top 10 iFIT 2021 series not to be missed

Which iFIT series stood out in 2021?
In 2021, iFIT brought you exceptional moments with live events, workouts filmed in incredible destinations, documentaries, studio sessions and surprises. The Train Like a Pro series, designed by top athletes, as well as a lot of content related to mental and emotional health and nutrition, was added to the iFIT library in 2021.


Mental toughness goals: iFIT’s mind-building series

How do you strengthen the body and mind simultaneously during training?
On iFIT, your running, cycling, rowing or strength training sessions are as beneficial to your body as they are to your mind. Build resilience, mental strength and determination with sessions for all disciplines and levels. Begin your journey to wellness with yoga, meditation, fitness, mindfulness, neuroscience, sleep, nutrition, athlete testimonials and more.


What if a shorter workout was just as effective?

What are the advantages of short sports sessions?
Short exercise sessions make it easier to integrate exercise into your daily life. They can be added to a long session or done at any time of
the day, at home or in the office. High-intensity interval cardio is particularly effective for burning calories, even after exercise, and for
improving fitness. Move for 20 minutes or less, as many times as you like during the week!


Consistency: the key to achieving all your goals

How do you exercise more consistently?
To be more consistent in your training, you need to put consistency at the top of your priorities. Becoming a habitual
exerciser may seem restrictive at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be rewarded by the results you get and stay
motivated. This is the key to self-esteem and performance.

man indoor home workout rowing

Become a rower with a special iFIT rowing series for beginners

What are the benefits of a rowing machine and how do I get started?
The rowing machine has the advantage of working almost all muscle groups while being a particularly effective cardio
exercise. Accessible to all and with low impact on the joints, it requires only a good understanding of the basic movement
to begin. Get started with the iFIT Becoming a Rower series and fall in love with this low-pressure, getaway workout.


5 exercises to take care of your mental health

What tips should I follow to improve my mental health and better manage my emotions?
As important as physical fitness, mental health can be maintained through exercises from different practices. Managing
negative emotions, self-esteem, letting go, gratitude, positivity: there are many avenues to explore. Yoga or meditation are
often invaluable for taking a break from the daily grind.


Planking: these 5 common mistakes you won’t make again

What mistakes should be avoided when planking?
The most common mistakes when doing the plank are: arching your back, looking up, misplacing your hips, squeezing your
shoulders and trying to hold the position for too long, at the risk of moving away from the optimal posture. By knowing
how to detect them, you are better equipped to avoid them and you can enjoy all the benefits of this must-do bodyweight


Is a Cordless Skipping Rope as Efficient as Skipping with a Real Rope?

How does a wireless skipping rope work?

The wireless skipping rope has a lot to offer to all athletes who practice home fitness in restricted environments. Often equipped with a lap and calorie counter and sometimes paired with a tracking app, this fun cardio activity is available to everyone. While it may feel a little strange when first used, it will definitely help you burn calories easily at home!