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Mind & Body on iFIT, elevating mind and body with top athletes

What training should I do to combine mind and body health?
On iFIT, you will find a series dedicated to the links between sports performance, the health of the body and the mind. Rich programmes
designed by world-class athletes await you: visualisation, mental conditioning, resilience, anxiety, emotional management and more. The
coaches also talk about their experience as top athletes.


Meditation and mindfulness, what’s the difference?

Are meditation and mindfulness the same thing?
Meditation and mindfulness are closely related practices that are often confused. Mindfulness is one of many forms of meditation and
focuses on living in the present moment with all the senses, while other approaches are more spiritual and focused on self-knowledge.


Heading for adventure: 3 ways to get away and experience new sensations on iFIT

How can you get away from it all while doing sport at home?
iFIT’s interactive coaching solutions are designed to offer you unique experiences: get away from it all by following workouts filmed in the
four corners of the world, join live sporting events around the globe or design your own circuit, with the terrain data transmitted to your
device for an immersive effect. Adventure is always at home!


Challenge: 28 days for a better sleep

How can I sleep better?
To get a better night’s sleep, you can change your environment and habits by starting to record everything you do, from the time you eat until you go to bed and your level of physical activity. Point out what is affecting your sleep quality, find concrete solutions to
remedy it, and then set up your ideal routine. You can start making the changes you need to have more peaceful and restful nights in a few days.


A 15-minute yoga session to get your energy up in the morning

Which sports session can give you energy in the morning?
To be fit and in a good mood in the morning, take inspiration from the sun salutations by doing a 15-minute yoga session: by linking a series
of postures that mobilise the whole body, you stretch, oxygenate your brain, reactivate your circulation… Enough to feel dynamic, toned
and ready to face the day.


7 fun ideas to add to your training to boost your performance

How can you make your workouts fun and improve your performance at the same time?
By incorporating new exercises into your workouts and constantly challenging what you've learned, you can boost your motivation and
have fun at the same time. Try fartlek, interval running, testing a new sports activity, add a dose of fun to your workouts and improve your

cycling man experience outdoor fun

Cycling Without Limits: an inspiring cycling series to strengthen body and mind

How can the iFIT Cycling Without Limits series inspire cyclists beyond their sport?
By following the Cycling Without Limits series, cyclists strengthen their bodies as well as their minds. Discover the inspiring
story of Brandon Lyons, who became an Olympic-level para-cyclist after an accident. He’ll challenge you to push the
envelope, change your perspective and go beyond your limits with a series you’ll grow from.

man indoor home workout rowing

Become a rower with a special iFIT rowing series for beginners

What are the benefits of a rowing machine and how do I get started?
The rowing machine has the advantage of working almost all muscle groups while being a particularly effective cardio
exercise. Accessible to all and with low impact on the joints, it requires only a good understanding of the basic movement
to begin. Get started with the iFIT Becoming a Rower series and fall in love with this low-pressure, getaway workout.


Boost your cardio and escape to Vietnam for 6 weeks with a complete iFIT programme

Who is the iFIT Vietnam Intermediate Cardio HIIT series for?
After her HIIT cardio program for beginners filmed in Bolivia, Hannah Eden offers a series for experienced athletes who
want to reach new fitness goals. Boost your cardio and get ready to work out hard with these 30 complete sessions spread
over 6 weeks of training filmed at the most beautiful places in Vietnam.


ActivePulse™: The Ultimate iFIT Functionality, Heart Rate Training

Thanks to ActivePulse™ technology, a new way of looking at sport is offered to you! Until now, adjusting the speed and inclination of a device had to be done manually throughout the session. Now, these parameters are automatically calibrated based on a physical factor: your heart rate. Your training becomes more tailored to your goals and ability than ever before.


How to say goodbye to muscle tension and stiffness

How can I limit muscular pain and tension?
Take preventive action to avoid muscular pain and tension, whether they are linked to stress or prolonged effort. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, rest and sufficient hydration. In parallel, you can regularly stretch and massage your muscles for immediate relaxation and a feeling of well-being.


Is the new NordicTrack RW600 rowing machine right for you?

Why should I choose the NordicTrack RW600 rowing machine?
The new NordicTrack RW600 rowing machine has all the features of NordicTrack’s premium rowing machines with a 10″ HD touch screen and full compatibility with iFIT interactive fitness solutions. Whatever your level and goals, it offers an affordable alternative to entering the world of connected fitness and allows you to experience exciting rowing sessions filmed on the world’s most beautiful waterways with world-class coaches.