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Top 5 fitness trends: what you can expect in 2022

What are the trends in the fitness world in 2022?
In 2022, athletes want to be autonomous in their practice more than ever. An ideal fitness journey integrates all aspects of
health (physical and mental), the involvement of inspiring and competent coaches and the possibility to move anywhere
and anytime, preferably at home or outdoors. Connected, on-demand coaching and fitness equipment for home training
are key elements in meeting these requirements.


COVID-19: Should you continue to train if you test positive?

Is it dangerous to exercise if I have COVID-19?
In the case of respiratory illnesses such as influenza or COVID-19, health officials recommend not exercising during the
illness and for up to a week after the symptoms have stopped. Resting the body helps speed up recovery and avoid the risk
of worsening symptoms, especially cardiac ones. Resuming physical activity at the right time will help speed up the recovery


Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: 5 episodes on the physical preparation of a professional sailor

Why follow the Stay on Track web series with Sam Goodchild and NordicTrack?
How can you improve your training by taking inspiration from the techniques of a professional ocean sailor? That’s what you’ll discover when you follow the Stay on Track web series with Sam Goodchild, featuring 5 episodes focusing on the physical preparation of this top athlete throughout the 2022 season. The partnership between NordicTrack and its outstanding new ambassador will inspire you and provide you with the keys to perfecting your indoor and outdoor sports routines. Stay tuned!


Top 10 iFIT 2021 series not to be missed

Which iFIT series stood out in 2021?
In 2021, iFIT brought you exceptional moments with live events, workouts filmed in incredible destinations, documentaries, studio sessions and surprises. The Train Like a Pro series, designed by top athletes, as well as a lot of content related to mental and emotional health and nutrition, was added to the iFIT library in 2021.


5 useful tips for achieving all your goals

How can you plan to ensure that you achieve your goal?
To give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals, start by making sure that they are realistic, can be completed within a reasonable time frame and that you have chosen the right time to start. Next, prepare an action plan outlining how you will monitor your progress. Keep your true motivations in mind, ask for support from those close to you, and, above all, visualise yourself succeeding. You will succeed!


What if a shorter workout was just as effective?

What are the advantages of short sports sessions?
Short exercise sessions make it easier to integrate exercise into your daily life. They can be added to a long session or done at any time of
the day, at home or in the office. High-intensity interval cardio is particularly effective for burning calories, even after exercise, and for
improving fitness. Move for 20 minutes or less, as many times as you like during the week!


Where do leg cramps come from and how can they be avoided?

How to relieve leg cramps
To relieve leg cramps, nothing beats prevention: eat a balanced diet, with a proportion of carbohydrates and minerals adapted to your
activity, hydrate sufficiently, warm-up before each physical effort and move regularly. Stretching is the quickest mechanical way to get rid
of a cramp. Make stretching part of your daily routine to reduce recurrence.


Mind & Body on iFIT, elevating mind and body with top athletes

What training should I do to combine mind and body health?
On iFIT, you will find a series dedicated to the links between sports performance, the health of the body and the mind. Rich programmes
designed by world-class athletes await you: visualisation, mental conditioning, resilience, anxiety, emotional management and more. The
coaches also talk about their experience as top athletes.


Give a new dimension to your training by (re)discovering all the iFIT features

How can I use all the features of the iFIT application to improve my training?
Whether or not it's paired with NordicTrack equipment, the iFIT application offers you a completely personalised training
experience for body and mind. On a tablet, on a smartphone or from the console of your fitness equipment, in audio or the
video version, with synchronisation on Google Maps TM , with your favourite coach, anywhere in the world… Train the way
you want, thanks to our connected virtual coaching solution.


A 15-minute yoga session to get your energy up in the morning

Which sports session can give you energy in the morning?
To be fit and in a good mood in the morning, take inspiration from the sun salutations by doing a 15-minute yoga session: by linking a series
of postures that mobilise the whole body, you stretch, oxygenate your brain, reactivate your circulation… Enough to feel dynamic, toned
and ready to face the day.


7 fun ideas to add to your training to boost your performance

How can you make your workouts fun and improve your performance at the same time?
By incorporating new exercises into your workouts and constantly challenging what you've learned, you can boost your motivation and
have fun at the same time. Try fartlek, interval running, testing a new sports activity, add a dose of fun to your workouts and improve your


How to improve your time on a 5K: Training techniques and iFIT sets to try

How to improve your 5K time
To beat your best 5K time, diversify your training plan, incorporating sprinting, high intensity splits, fartlek, uneven terrain, leg strength
training and more. Study the terrain and prepare yourself by taking care of your nutrition and sleep, and by managing your recovery periods
well. Dozens of sessions are waiting for you on iFIT to train at 5K!