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Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: episode 4, training in mobility, challenge taken up throughout the season

During the last episode, Sam Goodchild took charge of his boat and made sure to start the season well by maintaining his physical shape in his home fitness space. Now, the competition season is in full swing and we find Sam at the heart of the action on his boat for a 4th episode of Stay on Track. During this period of the year, he is constantly on the move and explains to us how he trains on the move thanks to the iFIT application, available everywhere on his smartphone. Between indoor sessions at the hotel and audio workouts on the beach, he is preparing to take up new challenges, with his first solo races.

Sam Goodchild at the heart of the competition season

After a few tests on his refurbished boat, Sam Goodchild quickly got down to business with the solo 1,000 miles of Les Sables in April. The season is busy because he also manages the crewed Pro Sailing Tour competitions. This summer, he finally takes the start of the 4th edition of the Drhream Cup, his last solo race before the Route du Rhum in November.

Chaining all these competitions requires incredible energy and a steel mind. Braving the elements, managing sleepless nights alone, finding solutions to situations that are difficult to predict, Sam can congratulate himself on having spent several months preparing.

Have you always dreamed of knowing the daily life of a skipper during the race? Episode 4 of Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild is waiting for you on the NordicTrack YouTube channel.

Focus on mobility training with the iFIT app

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Away from home, Sam Goodchild does not forget to train at the hotel as well as on the beach. 
He explains to us the interest of the  iFIT application , which is always available on his smartphone. 
He benefits from coaching and keeps the consistency of his training plan without having to think. 
This allows him to focus on the essentials: his mental preparation to give everything during competitions.
In addition to his home preparation of the last few months on the Vault and the X32i, Sam favours 
audio training sessions when he moves, keeping a good balance between muscle strengthening and cardio. 
Even in a hotel room barely larger than the cabin of your boat, it is possible to chain push-ups, jumping jacks and abs. 
On the cardio side, a simple headset allows you to be coached for an effective sprint at the edge of the water.

The iFIT series selected by Sam Goodchild to stay in shape

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How do I continue training on the go? Not to mention having a life as hectic as that of Sam Goodchild, the question concerns many sportsmen. Take inspiration from the iFIT series chosen by Sam to compose your special mobility sports plan for your next trip:
Ultimate Time Crunch Series with Gerell Webb, 12 high-intensity workouts designed for rowers, alternating rowing speed games and floor exercises
Bodyweight Strength variations , a hardware-free muscle-building series with Gideon Akande; 
with a rhythm of 40 seconds of effort followed by 15 seconds of recovery
5-Minute Intervals with Phil Catudal, an outdoor running audio session, with an interval course
Progression Run, an outdoor endurance audio session guided by Sally Mcrae
1-to-1 Intervals, 37 minutes of training combining intervals of running and cross training with Casey Gilbert
The Focused Mind  : Get Mindful with Kevin Courtney, learn how to focus during this 15-minute audio meditation session from the Strengthen the Mind Meditation series
Tabata pump with Nicholas Holender, a high intensity low impact workout to do at home or on the go
After several months punctuated by crewed and solo competitions, Sam Goodchild will have experienced intense emotions during the summer break in mid-July. 
His boat returns to the yard for final preparations before the fall while Sam is reunited with his family and his home. 
He continues his ongoing series on his fitness equipment. 
For him, see you in September to start the last part of the season. 
And for us? 
Follow NordicTrack’s blog and YouTube channel and see you soon for an explosive finale to the Stay on Track series with Sam Goodchild!

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