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Innovation and Performance with the NEW 1750 and 2450

Your running is set to reach new heights, with a sense of style that fits into any home fitness centre. Introducing the new Commercial 1750 and Commercial 2450 from NordicTrack! With a Z-frame that places modern innovation at the forefront of its image; the HD pivoting touchscreen paired with incline capabilities will push the limits of the ancient perspective that performance and style cannot coexist. Questions of ‘what features I need to know purchasing a treadmill’ explained with the only question left to ask being ‘which one do I choose?’


Weight training: Guide, tips and benchmarks

How do you build muscle by lifting weights?
To optimise your weights in strength training, determine your objectives: the load and number of repetitions vary depending on whether you want to increase your muscle volume or improve your resistance to effort. There are different types of weights: choose them according to the areas you want to strengthen, your level and your physical condition.


Change up your workouts: Focusing on back work

Why strengthen your back?
Having a muscular back helps to improve posture, balance your body shape and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.
With or without equipment, many exercises effectively target the back muscles: rowing, pull-ups, planking, rowing, etc.


What is the most effective training program for burning fat?

How do you train to reduce body fat?
According to the latest scientific studies, HIIT (split interval training) and muscle strengthening are two particularly effective
techniques for activating fat burning. Endurance training also has its place in a fitness programme, but sessions of more
than 30 to 40 minutes of moderate-intensity effort should be planned so that the body draws on fat stocks.


Revolutionise your fitness routine with Vault

What is Vault, the connected fitness mirror from NordicTrack?
Vault is a reflective surface that you can rotate 360° to watch your every move, a mini gym with storage for your fitness
accessories (included if you choose the option), a tracking tool that records all your performances and a screen that displays
the exercise classes of your favourite iFIT coaches. Give it a try!

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Connect iFIT with your favourite fitness apps

Can iFIT be synced with other connected fitness solutions?
The iFIT app can sync its tracking data with other popular sports tracking apps like Strava, Apple Health, Garmin Connect and Google Fit™. The process is very easy, and once completed, you can view your progress on each of the apps according to your personal preferences.


Mental toughness goals: iFIT’s mind-building series

How do you strengthen the body and mind simultaneously during training?
On iFIT, your running, cycling, rowing or strength training sessions are as beneficial to your body as they are to your mind. Build resilience, mental strength and determination with sessions for all disciplines and levels. Begin your journey to wellness with yoga, meditation, fitness, mindfulness, neuroscience, sleep, nutrition, athlete testimonials and more.


Is the new NordicTrack RW600 rowing machine right for you?

Why should I choose the NordicTrack RW600 rowing machine?
The new NordicTrack RW600 rowing machine has all the features of NordicTrack’s premium rowing machines with a 10″ HD touch screen and full compatibility with iFIT interactive fitness solutions. Whatever your level and goals, it offers an affordable alternative to entering the world of connected fitness and allows you to experience exciting rowing sessions filmed on the world’s most beautiful waterways with world-class coaches.


Is a Cordless Skipping Rope as Efficient as Skipping with a Real Rope?

How does a wireless skipping rope work?

The wireless skipping rope has a lot to offer to all athletes who practice home fitness in restricted environments. Often equipped with a lap and calorie counter and sometimes paired with a tracking app, this fun cardio activity is available to everyone. While it may feel a little strange when first used, it will definitely help you burn calories easily at home!


An upright bike vs a recumbent bike: which one is right for you?

The large family of exercise bikes includes upright bikes, designed to train on in the same position as on an outdoor bike, and semi-recumbent bikes, which offer perfect lumbar support and are gentler on the joints. Set records with a race-designed indoor bike and get back into shape at your own pace with a recumbent bike like the Recumbent series models from NordicTrack. There is an exercise bike model for every athlete and every objective: it’s up to you to find yours!


Home Rowing: Your Special High-Performance Fitness Programme

The rower works almost all the muscles of the body while placing a sustained demand on the cardio system. With this iconic fitness equipment, only a few basic techniques need to be mastered to boost your athletic performance. You can focus your cardio training on endurance or sprinting by using the strength of the machine and the intensity of the sets.


Fitness Accessories: The Must-Haves In Home Fitness

What fitness accessories do I need to have to set up a home fitness area at home? From premium equipment to accessories and advice on how to successfully set up a home gym, find out everything you need to know to equip yourself properly!