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Fitness Accessories: The Must-Haves In Home Fitness

What fitness accessories do I need to have to set up a home fitness area at home? From premium equipment to accessories and advice on how to successfully set up a home gym, find out everything you need to know to equip yourself properly!

Why Set Up a Space Dedicated to Fitness at Home?

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From a simple fitness corner in a living room to a room entirely dedicated to fitness, being well equipped to exercise is important for a long-lasting approach:

  • Having a place that is accessible at all times and comfortable helps to motivate you: you can start a workout as soon as there is a slot in your schedule.
  • Setting up a fitness area gives you full freedom of movement: you reduce the risk of injury and can exercise without limits.
  • Making your fitness space a haven of peace, far from the constraints of everyday life and decorated according to your wishes is the best way to enjoy yourself and concentrate. Everything is at your fingertips, ready to welcome you for new challenges!

A few square metres is all you need to furnish your home fitness centre at home:

  • Opt for a bright space with good ventilation. Having a window facing the outside is ideal, but you can also play with artificial light to create a pleasant atmosphere. Having a tap and electrical outlets is also a good starting point!
  • Consider the weight and floor area of your fitness equipment when choosing the right room. Some equipment folds up and can be stored once the workout is over. This is handy when the room serves several functions, but just remember to leave enough space so that you can set up easily when you need it.
  • Select materials that are easy to maintain if you are designing a room dedicated to fitness.

Indispensable Accessories for Exercising at Home

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To organise workouts at home, start by equipping yourself with a few fitness accessories that you may find useful depending on your practice :

  • A yoga mat: Perfect for shock-absorbing and muscle-strengthening exercises using your body weight, this is the n°1 piece of equipment to include in your home fitness area.
  • Small dumbbells: For men or women (they have different weights), dumbbells are the secret to working the upper body and building muscles.
  • A Pilates ball: To gently stretch the lumbar vertebrae, it is also used to build muscles, to warm up, relax or perform certain yoga poses.
  • Resistance bands: They take up very little space and add strength to your muscle-building sessions by creating resistance.
  • Etc.

Fitness Equipment for a Complete Workout at Home


If you used to work out in a gym with several fitness machines, you may be wondering which one to choose to work out at home. Make use of multi-functional or complementary home fitness equipment for cardio and strength training exercises:

  • With an elliptical bike, you can perform step exercises and reproduce the movements of walking or running, mobilising your arms and legs without impact.
  • A rower works most of the muscles of the body. It can form a winning duo with a home bike, for example, which mainly exercises the lower body.
  • A tilting treadmill allows you to perform a wide variety of workouts, from gentle to intense, to adapt to different goals.

NordicTrack offers versatile and innovative home fitness equipment designed to increase your training possibilities:

  • The X32i Incline Trainer Series Treadmill: With its 32-inch interactive touch screen, this inclined treadmill ranging from 0 to 22 km/h will take you beyond your limits by following the slope of your runs (from -6 to 40%).
  • The Commercial S22i Indoor Bike: With 24 resistance levels that automatically adapt during training, this indoor bike will help you burn calories through interactive coaching sessions recorded from around the world.
  • The Freestride FS14: This 3-in-1 unit combines the benefits of a stepper, treadmill and elliptical bike, all in a compact and stylish design that fits into any interior.
  • The RW900 Rowing Machine: With a silent magnetic resistance system adjustable in real-time and additional manual air resistance, this rowing machine makes no compromise between comfort and performance. It even folds once the session is over.

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