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What Do You Think the Future of Connected Fitness Will Look Like?

Vault offers optimal design, advanced technology, interactivity, autonomy and more. Vault from NordicTrack meets all the criteria of today’s and tomorrow’s athletes regarding connected fitness! Both a storage cabinet for all your fitness equipment and a human-sized reflective interface with a very large touch screen, Vault gives you access to all the content of the iFit® library to enable you to train in optimal conditions.


Comparison: NordicTrack’s iFit® connected watches

In addition to indicating the time, connected watches are increasingly incorporating features useful to all athletes: Performance monitoring, tools for analysing body data, diet, sleep, notifications, etc. Choose a model adapted to your practice and find one with good battery life. The iFit® connected watches come in several versions, which will guide you like a real coach throughout the day.


Exercise: Smart wristbands, are they useful or not?

Equipped with different sensors and connected to a mobile application, a smart wristband is an effective and discreet way to motivate yourself and improve your sporting performance. Designed to accompany you on a daily basis, it detects changes in activity and provides detailed statistics on your progress.