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ActivePulse™: The Ultimate iFIT Functionality, Heart Rate Training

Thanks to ActivePulse ™ technology, a new way of looking at sport is available to you! Until now, adjusting the speed and incline of a device had to be done manually throughout the session. Now, these parameters are automatically calibrated based on a physical factor: your heart rate. Your training becomes more than ever adapted to your goals and your capacity.

Your workout automatically adjusted to your heart rate with iFIT ActivePulse™

Until now, the intensity of a session on a fitness device was gauged by the data displayed on its console: duration of the workout, calories burned, level of difficulty and heart rate measured thanks to the sensors located on the ramp. support at the front of the equipment. One of the most common questions from users was “How do I know if I have been exercising enough?” “.

With ActivePulse ™, you have the answer and all the cards in hand to train to your full potential in every session. The device is based on a real-time feedback loop between the measured heart rate as well as the speed and incline of your NordicTrack machine.

Let’s take a concrete example: during a HIIT workout on your NordicTrack bike with ActivePulse ™ technology, the console doesn’t just advise you to increase or decrease the difficulty. Your machine automatically adjusts to the right level and resistance to make you work in the right effort zone. You don’t even have to pay attention to it anymore!

Benefits of heart rate monitoring

Whether you’ve been exercising for several years or just starting out, you can use and benefit from ActivePulse ™ technology .

As Dr. Aaron L. Baggish, associate director of the Cardiovascular Performance Program at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, explains in a Harvard Health Publishing publication:

“Whether you are just starting to exercise or are an avid fitness practitioner, tracking your heart rate can help you maintain the level of moderate intensity needed for the best benefits without worrying about it. doing too much or too little. “

ActivePulse™, a new health ally among other factors

While heart rate monitoring * is a valuable tool for maintaining fitness, other factors such as hydration, sleep and stress should also be taken into account – these too have a direct impact on your health. cardiac frequency.

“With ActivePulse ™ technology, every iFIT user can customize their treadmill workout based on their heart rate, forgetting the complex calculations and constant manual monitoring that have long been associated with tracking training. cardiac . ActivePulse ™ provides the right workout for everyone, leveraging a variety of factors that are addressed in real time. »Mark Watterson, President of iFIT

ActivePulse ™ adds an extra touch of personalization to the iFIT experience. The intensity of each iFIT workout is tailored to take into account the user’s actual physical condition. The technology incorporates advanced machine learning algorithms: user-specific behavior patterns are assimilated over time to ensure personalized adjustments for future sessions.

Compatibility with iFIT ActivePulse™

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The technology ActivePulse iFit ™ is compatible with all major Bluetooth heart rate monitors have a transmission function or distribution, including the cuff Heart SmartBeat iFit ™. Third-party brand devices such as Polar®, Garmin®, Wahoo®, and a number of WHOOP® products can also be used with iFIT ActivePulse ™.

Included in all iFIT subscriptions, ActivePulse ™ functionality will be available on all iFIT-compatible NordicTrack bikes , rowers and ellipticals through an automatic update of the iFIT app.

All you have to do is take care of your heart and give it the attention it deserves with ActivePulse ™! Don’t forget to re-evaluate your fitness goals: with different effort zones that match your ambitions, heart rate training is the best way to achieve consistent, measurable progress. You should quickly see an improvement in your health and fitness .

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