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These 6 Homemade High-Protein Snacks Will Support Your Sports Practice

Many recipes for snacks provide energy to sportsmen and women and help them build muscle; even better, they are homemade: gingerbread, smoothies, granola, roasted chickpeas, recovery sandwiches, etc. Choose them according to your habits, your objectives and the time you have to prepare them.


Paleo Fit: Back to Basics with this Trendy Training Technique

What is paleo fit, and how do I get started?

Paleo fit is inspired by the caveman lifestyle of hunting, fishing and gathering in the wild. This type of exercise is usually combined with the Paleo diet. To try this training method, do slow-paced endurance activities, interspersed with weight-training and intense cardio sessions, to relive the adrenaline rush our ancestors had while hunting.


Paleo Diet and Sports Performance

Can I opt for the Paleo diet when I do sport and exercise?

The Paleo diet has a number of advantages for staying healthy. It is compatible with exercise and even offers several advantages, provided that you keep an eye on the balance of your meals. Carbohydrate intake may need to be increased for intense or long periods of exertion. Every individual reacts differently, so listen to your body to adapt your food intake to your needs.


9 (Plus) Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day in the Best Way

How can I vary my breakfast according to my programme for the day?

Lack of energy, munchies in the morning, loss of alertness – skipping breakfast is never a good idea. Vary your menus according to your planned activity and find strategies to avoid breakfast boredom and to save time: batch cooking, preparation the night before, express recipes and more. You can make and enjoy a balanced and tasty breakfast every morning!


Lentils: Their Surprising Benefits for

What are the Benefits of Lentils for Athletes?
Quicker to cook than other legumes, lentils come in several colours: brown, green, red, etc. Rich in fibre and antioxidants, lentils are also very high in energy and are an excellent source of vegetable protein for athletes. Athletes have everything to gain by adding them to their plates, whether in the form of soups, purées, pan-fried dishes or salads.


Fact or Fiction? Doing Exercise at Night Prevents Sleep

Does exercising at night prevent you from sleeping?

Many athletes train in the evening because of their busy schedules. Exercise raises the body temperature, but lowering the body temperature is one of the signals required to prepare the body for sleep, so this practice is sometimes controversial. The latest scientific studies are challenging these preconceived ideas: rest assured, it is possible to train in the evening with adapted sessions!


One-Pot Meals: 6 (+ 1) Recipes for Veggies

The one-pot meal involves preparing single dishes quickly using only one container. This concept is ideal for balancing your vegetarian or vegan menus and saving time in the kitchen. Mix legumes, starches and fresh vegetables to create a veggie one-pot meal in no time!


One-Pot Meals: 9 Simple and Healthy Recipes

A one-pot meal is a handy way of preparing a single healthy and tasty dish by placing all the ingredients together. Save time in the kitchen and on doing the dishes by trying this fun concept: be creative. The recipe possibilities are endless!


Energy Balls: 3 Recipes for All Athletes

Small bite-sized portions made from healthy ingredients, such as dried fruit, nut butter, plant powders, nuts or seeds, energy balls have a long shelf life and are very easy to transport and prepare. Athletes can adapt the recipes to their needs and objectives to ensure that the energy intake during exercise is well balanced to promote muscle recovery.


6 Fresh and Healthy Juice Recipes for Athletes

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are quick to prepare. They are hydrating and provide minerals and vitamins with antioxidant properties. As a supplement to a balanced diet, they help boost fibre and other healthy nutrients. There are many ways to adapt the recipes to suit your mood and your goals!


Is it Possible to Be a Vegetarian and a Top Athlete

Despite popular belief, it is perfectly possible to train at a high level if you are a vegetarian, and more and more athletes are adapting their diets to become vegan. To make the transition successfully while still training, it is necessary to know exactly what energy the body needs on a daily basis and how to vary your meals.


Holiday celebrations: Target muscle gain

To build muscle and meet your health goals during the holidays, take inspiration from a bulking diet: Give priority to proteins, eat more small meals during the day, limit alcoholic drinks and stay well hydrated. At home or at a friend’s house, following these principles will allow you to enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty, even if you’re a little out of shape.