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Meet Kelsey Wells, your new iFIT coach

Who is Kelsey Wells, your new iFIT coach?
Blogger, mother and world-renowned coach on the SWEAT platform, Kelsey Wells creates workout plans to help women
feel good and stronger, both physically and mentally. Check out the Redefine Fitness Strength series, a motivating strength
training program that combines positive affirmations and progressive full-body exercises.

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Become a rower with a special iFIT rowing series for beginners

What are the benefits of a rowing machine and how do I get started?
The rowing machine has the advantage of working almost all muscle groups while being a particularly effective cardio
exercise. Accessible to all and with low impact on the joints, it requires only a good understanding of the basic movement
to begin. Get started with the iFIT Becoming a Rower series and fall in love with this low-pressure, getaway workout.