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Meet Kelsey Wells, your new iFIT coach

Kelsey Wells has recently joined the iFIT coaching team. Find out more about her background, who
her workout series is for and what you’ll gain from working out with this inspiring trainer. Kelsey
believes that fitness is a powerful tool to put into the hands of every woman. Become stronger and
more confident every day as your coach helps you unlock your potential and flourish in all aspects of your life!

The iFIT training team is growing: who is Kelsey Wells?

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For the past few years, Kelsey Wells has been inspiring women around the world, especially through
her PWR training programme. An active coach on the Sweat platform, which joined our group in
2021, she is now an iFIT coach and offers new and exclusive content to help every woman reveal her inner strength.
Kelsey found her power and, more importantly, her balance through fitness. After giving birth, when
she discovered that her best weight, the one she glows at, was not her lowest, she focused on
strengthening her body and building muscle to create a balanced figure. She has since shared this
vision of fitness as a tool to achieve a healthy sense of self.

Who is the series proposed by Kelsey Wells aimed at?

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What drives Kelsey Wells? Helping all women find their own way to feel unique, in control of their
bodies and in control of their minds. Her words and her journey resonate with women of every
generation: all are looking for a way to balance their personal and professional lives and
responsibilities. Kelsey has found her path and is helping you move forward on yours!
If you can relate to these issues, you’ll love her sessions:
● The weight on the scale is just a number; the important thing is to feel good in your body,
which you learn to love as it is while giving it the necessary push so that it develops in the
best way possible: your way!
● Women are much more powerful than they think: lifting weights, building muscle, running,
jumping and various activities. All these abilities are within your reach! You are a champion
of physical and mental resistance, and you prove it every day in your life as a woman,
partner, worker, mother and more.
● You want to create the conditions for change: you have one or more goals and are looking
for ways to achieve them without false promises, with healthy advice and exercises drawn
from the experience of a coach who has experienced the same things as you.

● For you, getting fit must encompass all aspects of your life, and self-confidence is part of that!
It’s time to find out more about Kelsey Wells’ first series, available on the iFIT library!

Focus on Kelsey Wells’ first series to add to your training calendar

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Kelsey Wells’ first iFIT workout series takes you on a journey of discovering your potential, with 17
strength training sessions targeting all areas of the body: core, biceps, abs, legs, glutes, etc. With technical advice on how to perform the movements, a gradual progression of difficulty and Kelsey’s
constant encouragement, you will improve your physical condition quickly and effectively.
The series is filmed in the studio, allowing you to work one-on-one with your coach and choose the
soundtrack for your sessions directly on iFIT. Create the conditions for your success and stay focused
on the essentials: Kelsey suggests that you dedicate each session to a new intention, the common thread of your training. After you’ve worked your butt off, you’ll return to a calmer place with a
session dedicated to gratitude.
You’ll come out of this workout stronger physically and mentally, energised by positive affirmations
from your coach, and ready to continue your fitness journey in the best possible conditions. Come on, Kelsey is waiting for you in the studio!

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