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A 15-minute yoga session to get your energy up in the morning

Which sports session can give you energy in the morning?
To be fit and in a good mood in the morning, take inspiration from the sun salutations by doing a 15-minute yoga session: by linking a series
of postures that mobilise the whole body, you stretch, oxygenate your brain, reactivate your circulation… Enough to feel dynamic, toned
and ready to face the day.


No Time to Search? Your Turnkey Workouts, Sorted by Goals

With clear goals and a good understanding of your level, you can find workouts tailored to your fitness equipment and expectations by browsing the iFit® library. On iFit® Daily, many targeted programmes without equipment or with small accessories also await you. All you have to do is click and follow the session composed by your coach.


Too Tired to Train? Here Are Some Strategies to Adopt!

You can take advantage of periods when you are a little less energetic and motivated to try out new disciplines or change your habits. Continuing to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine, even at a moderate pace, may be your best strategy for gaining energy! In the long term, with rest if necessary, more intense sessions are also your ally in regaining energy.


10 Tips for Training More Regularly

How Can You Ensure That You Remain Consistent in Your Training?
If consistency is important to improve your athletic performance, it is the result of constant work. By choosing the right indicators to monitor your results and by setting yourself challenges, you ensure that you make continuous progress, step by step. Your worst enemy? The desire to do too well, which can lead to overtraining. Stay measured, consistent, listen to your body, and you will quickly find your own rhythm!


Don’t Feel Like Working Out Today? 9 iFit® Workouts for the “Off” Days

How Can You Adjust Your Training on Days When Your Motivation is Low?

Lack of time, desire or energy, finding the cause of your reluctance to start a workout is the first step in knowing how to react and, above all, not feel guilty. By adjusting your sessions on days when motivation is low, you’ll continue to make progress simply by listening to how you feel. Browse the iFit® library for inspiration!


Exercise: 10 Tips to Stay Motivated at All Costs

How Do You Overcome Periods of Low Motivation When Exercising?

By refocusing on the essentials and letting go with mental preparation and relaxation techniques, it is possible to overcome the lack of motivation and even bypass the issue to make it a strength. For some athletes, changing a few habits can help to regain the desire to excel. Rewarding oneself is also an excellent way to get the ball rolling again and enjoy working out.


The Ultimate Workout to Push Your Limits Without Equipment

Can You Improve Your Athletic Performance Without Equipment?

It is possible to improve your sports performance without equipment by using willpower and an intense training programme that is perfectly adapted to your physical condition. Try HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and link several extreme exercises in the same session to improve your endurance, burn calories and work out at a fast pace!


9 Tips for Training with Little Money

How Can You Exercise at Home and Train Without Equipment?

Even without fitness equipment, don’t put off your desire to keep fit at home. There are many ways to exercise and save money at the same time. If, as you progress, you want to invest in a powerful piece of equipment, find out what features you need and choose from the equipment available within your budget.


All you need to know about LIIT, or Low intensity interval training

Low-intensity training consists of working for a long time at a low intensity using different techniques such as LISS and LIIT. This type of training is the opposite of HIIT, which perfectly complements it in a balanced sports routine. Learn to master all the rhythms for a complete cardio programme and quick results!


9 Reasons to Train Indoors Instead of Outdoors

By opting for a high-performance home fitness machine, you can train in the comfort of your living room on equipment designed to provide effective sessions with a personalised follow-up. You save time each week by limiting the number of trips and constraints associated with travelling to the gym or heading outside. Protected from the dangers of traffic sports and uncertain weather, you can escape with sessions filmed in the most beautiful places on the planet.


Your home cardio challenge

Cardio-training activities help improve sports performance and are very beneficial to health. Choose 3 to 5 cardio exercises that are easy to do anywhere without equipment and challenge yourself with increasingly intense sessions for 30 days. To be successful, adapt the number of repetitions and the speed of training sessions to your physical condition.