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Why and how to train by monitoring your heart rate

Why train according to your heart rate?
Training with a heart rate monitor allows you to control your effort. The desired heart rate corresponds to a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR). It is possible to work at an endurance or intense cardio level by taking into account your physical condition, one of the key indicators of which is your resting heart rate.


What is the best way to choose waterproof sports headphones? Our top 6

How do you add protein to your soup recipes?
Adding a protein source to soup makes it a complete meal for the evening. Replace potatoes with legumes, add chunks of meat to vegetable soups, adopt Asian broths with bean sprouts and tofu or add almond puree to soups. You can tweak any recipe to enjoy the satiating and comforting benefits of soup in winter.

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Innovation and Performance with the NEW 1750 and 2450

Your running is set to reach new heights, with a sense of style that fits into any home fitness centre. Introducing the new Commercial 1750 and Commercial 2450 from NordicTrack! With a Z-frame that places modern innovation at the forefront of its image; the HD pivoting touchscreen paired with incline capabilities will push the limits of the ancient perspective that performance and style cannot coexist. Questions of ‘what features I need to know purchasing a treadmill’ explained with the only question left to ask being ‘which one do I choose?’

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The New England Intervals series on iFIT: a turnkey program to improve running

Who is the New England Intervals series on iFIT for?
The New England Intervals series is brought to you by iFIT coach Casey Gilbert and filmed in the heart of New England. Visit Portland, Boston, Salem and Martha’s Vineyard while improving your running technique. By alternating between endurance runs and interval runs at different intensities, you’ll make rapid progress and be eager to find your next destination to continue improving!


Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: episode 4, training in mobility, challenge taken up throughout the season

How can I train on the move with the iFIT application?
With the iFIT smartphone app, you can train at home (on or off fitness equipment) as well as on the move, in a hotel, on the
beach or anywhere in the world. The audio series are particularly suitable for training on the go. This is one of the solutions
Sam Goodchild uses to stay in shape when he's away from his gym and the competition season is in full swing.


Change up your workouts: Focusing on back work

Why strengthen your back?
Having a muscular back helps to improve posture, balance your body shape and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.
With or without equipment, many exercises effectively target the back muscles: rowing, pull-ups, planking, rowing, etc.

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Connect iFIT with your favourite fitness apps

Can iFIT be synced with other connected fitness solutions?
The iFIT app can sync its tracking data with other popular sports tracking apps like Strava, Apple Health, Garmin Connect and Google Fitâ„¢. The process is very easy, and once completed, you can view your progress on each of the apps according to your personal preferences.


Meet Kelsey Wells, your new iFIT coach

Who is Kelsey Wells, your new iFIT coach?
Blogger, mother and world-renowned coach on the SWEAT platform, Kelsey Wells creates workout plans to help women
feel good and stronger, both physically and mentally. Check out the Redefine Fitness Strength series, a motivating strength
training program that combines positive affirmations and progressive full-body exercises.


Getting back into training after COVID-19 in 4 steps

How do I start training again after COVID-19?
After COVID-19 or a respiratory condition, resuming exercise should be done slowly, at least 7 days after the symptoms
have subsided. Start by working on your breathing and stretching. Then you can do moderate cardio activities. As soon as
you can do 30 minutes of endurance exercise without running out of breath, you can follow your usual programme every
other day and then continue as before.


Top 5 fitness trends: what you can expect in 2022

What are the trends in the fitness world in 2022?
In 2022, athletes want to be autonomous in their practice more than ever. An ideal fitness journey integrates all aspects of
health (physical and mental), the involvement of inspiring and competent coaches and the possibility to move anywhere
and anytime, preferably at home or outdoors. Connected, on-demand coaching and fitness equipment for home training
are key elements in meeting these requirements.


COVID-19: Should you continue to train if you test positive?

Is it dangerous to exercise if I have COVID-19?
In the case of respiratory illnesses such as influenza or COVID-19, health officials recommend not exercising during the
illness and for up to a week after the symptoms have stopped. Resting the body helps speed up recovery and avoid the risk
of worsening symptoms, especially cardiac ones. Resuming physical activity at the right time will help speed up the recovery


Give a new dimension to your training by (re)discovering all the iFIT features

How can I use all the features of the iFIT application to improve my training?
Whether or not it's paired with NordicTrack equipment, the iFIT application offers you a completely personalised training
experience for body and mind. On a tablet, on a smartphone or from the console of your fitness equipment, in audio or the
video version, with synchronisation on Google Maps TM , with your favourite coach, anywhere in the world… Train the way
you want, thanks to our connected virtual coaching solution.