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Innovation and Performance with the NEW 1750 and 2450

Your running is set to reach new heights, with a sense of style that fits into any home fitness centre. Introducing the new Commercial 1750 and Commercial 2450 from NordicTrack! With a Z-frame that places modern innovation at the forefront of its image; the HD pivoting touchscreen paired with incline capabilities will push the limits of the ancient perspective that performance and style cannot coexist. Questions of ‘what features I need to know purchasing a treadmill’ explained with the only question left to ask being ‘which one do I choose?’

Top features I need to know when purchasing my treadmill

commercial treadmill incline training workout running home fitness home gym cardiovascular workout muscle training which treadmill should I buy Features I need to know purchasing a treadmill

The 1750 and 2450 both arrive with an extensive range of features that seek to tailor the average runner’s training into a focused programme to accelerate the journey from novice to professional.

The Top features on display are:

  • 22-inch/14-inch Pivot HD Touchscreen (depending on model)
  • 15% incline to -3% decline with AutoAdjust™ Technology
  • 0-19 km/h
  • AutoBreeze™ Fan
  • NEW ActivePulse™ Technology
  • IMPROVED Premium Audio Speakers
  • Bluetooth Headphone & Heart Rate Connectivity
  • Google Maps™ Workout Technology

Whilst some of these features work hand in hand with the powered by iFIT technology. The design is constructed to maximise the experience when running to facilitate complete immersion in your workout. The discussion you may now be having with yourself or a loved one is well, why do I need a treadmill at home?

Choosing a treadmill

treadmill modern technology tv screen incline touchscreen workout home gym fitness training home treadmill Features I need to know purchasing a treadmill

The reality is many workout when it’s convenient with ‘lack of time’ being the number one reason people drop their fitness goals (Zarotis & Arvanitidou, 2017).

The treadmill you purchase is the catalyst between your goal and achievement. Whilst selecting the features I need to know when purchasing a treadmill is imperative; by selecting a home treadmill capable of satisfying just about all training styles I could implement, I am setting myself up for success into any age.

Scientific benefits? Outlined as far as the eye can see. Here; we emphasise the ways it improves your day-to-day lives:

  • Less time stuck in traffic; something we all hate when arriving home from work
  • Less late-night running which let’s face it; in the UK… it is freezing!
  • Less gym anxiety, it’s just you and only you on your fitness journey
  • More time with family
  • Freedom to enjoy your life – workout complete in 30 minutes/1 hour

Most importantly: An actual investment in maintaining my health for years to come. According to data analysts at Statista, 30% of people cancel gym membership because they ‘just don’t go’ and 40% because it’s ‘too expensive’ (SRD, 2015)!

It’s time to set yourself up for the rest of your life.

It’s Your Year. Your Fitness. Your Move!

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