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Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: episode 4, training in mobility, challenge taken up throughout the season

How can I train on the move with the iFIT application?
With the iFIT smartphone app, you can train at home (on or off fitness equipment) as well as on the move, in a hotel, on the
beach or anywhere in the world. The audio series are particularly suitable for training on the go. This is one of the solutions
Sam Goodchild uses to stay in shape when he's away from his gym and the competition season is in full swing.


Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: Episode 2, the daily life of a sailor in winter

How does a sailor like Sam Goodchild stay fit in the off-season?
In winter, once the racing season is over, the boat is out of the water, and sailors have several weeks to get back into shape
and reunite with their families. In episode 2 of the Stay on Track series with Sam Goodchild, you will find out more about
the challenges of this lesser-known season, which plays a key role in the success of these top athletes.


Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: 5 episodes on the physical preparation of a professional sailor

Why follow the Stay on Track web series with Sam Goodchild and NordicTrack?
How can you improve your training by taking inspiration from the techniques of a professional ocean sailor? That’s what you’ll discover when you follow the Stay on Track web series with Sam Goodchild, featuring 5 episodes focusing on the physical preparation of this top athlete throughout the 2022 season. The partnership between NordicTrack and its outstanding new ambassador will inspire you and provide you with the keys to perfecting your indoor and outdoor sports routines. Stay tuned!

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Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: Episode 3. As the season starts again, Sam focuses on rowing and new challenges for 2022

Whats next for Sam Goodchild in the 2022 competition season?
In 2022, sailor Sam Goodchild is about to embark on one of his greatest challenges: sailing solo around the world for the
first time on his trimaran. After a winter break, the competition season is starting again. Between two sea trials and the first
races of the year, he is keeping himself in shape with his rowing machine to be ready for anything in the new year.


How to improve your time on a 5K: Training techniques and iFIT sets to try

How to improve your 5K time
To beat your best 5K time, diversify your training plan, incorporating sprinting, high intensity splits, fartlek, uneven terrain, leg strength
training and more. Study the terrain and prepare yourself by taking care of your nutrition and sleep, and by managing your recovery periods
well. Dozens of sessions are waiting for you on iFIT to train at 5K!


Get ready for the Cross du Figaro NordicTrack 2021 edition

How to register for the Cross du Figaro NordicTrack and prepare for the race
To register for one of the 5 circuits of the Cross du Figaro NordicTrack and to support research against rare diseases, go to
the official website of the event. More than ever in 2021, NordicTrack is committed to this fight and associates its name
with the sporting event that opens the Telethon. The #NordicTrackTeam invites you to test its support programme, which
is specially designed to help you prepare for the 10 km race: sign up for the newsletter to receive training tips and mobilise
all your strength during the race.

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Why not make a big solo hike your challenge this year?

Why plan a big solo trek this year?
Undertaking a long solo trek is an opportunity to prove to yourself what you can do while recharging your batteries in the great
outdoors for a unique experience. Each week of preparation will help you progress beyond your usual training because, with this dream
in mind, you have a great reason to push yourself.


Create the Right Conditions for Your Sporting Success

To create the right conditions for your sporting success, take charge of your project: improve everything that can be improved in the environment in which you evolve, adopt good habits, remain realistic and open to all possibilities, and surround yourself with inspiring and positive role models, for example, athletes whose career paths make you dream. By visualising the athlete you want to become, you will get closer to your goal every day.


Your First Ironman: Preparation and Advice

How Do You Train for Your First Ironman?
The Ironman is a triathlon format known to be difficult, with a swimming event, a cycling race and a marathon, for a total course of 226 km. To prepare effectively, start training at least 6 months in advance, with up to 15 hours of training per week in the 2 to 3 weeks leading up to the competition. Combine endurance, muscle strengthening, high-intensity exercise and specific work in the 3 Ironman disciplines to give yourself every chance of success.


From the Bottom to the Top: An Athlete’s Journey #1 – Usain Bolt

What is Usain Bolt’s Story?
After a modest childhood in Jamaica, Usain Bolt was discovered for his performances in athletics. After training hard, he won his first medals in high school and went on to win more victories that earned him the nickname ‘the lightning bolt’. With 8 gold medals at the Olympic Games and numerous world records in sprinting, he has become a sports legend.


Starting Trail Running: Tips and Overview

Trail running is simply running in nature on a variety of paths and trails. To get the most out of your trail sessions, work out as if you were there on your fitness equipment with iFitĀ® interactive coaching solutions. The resistance and inclination of your treadmill automatically adjust to the terrain you’re running on.


Olympic Games 2021: Spotlight On Weightlifting

Historically dominated by Chinese and Russian athletes, weightlifting has fascinated spectators since the beginning of the history of the modern Olympic Games. Calling on extraordinary physical and mental capacities, this discipline includes two flagship events: the snatch and the clean and jerk. Discover the athletes expected to compete at the 2021 Olympics in Europe and start a cross-training programme at home, similar to the preparation of a weightlifter before the Olympics.