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Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: Episode 3. As the season starts again, Sam focuses on rowing and new challenges for 2022

We last left Sam with his family in the middle of winter, when he was taking advantage of the
quietest time of the year to train and recharge his batteries. His boat was also at rest, or more
accurately, in the process of being transformed in the workshop. Follow the third episode of the Stay
on Track with Sam Goodchild web series and get a feel for the excitement of the new season.
Between testing the recently relaunched Leyton trimaran and the first races of 2022, which will see
him compete in his first major solo race, Sam has been training on his RW900 rowing machine to be
ready for anything!

Meet Sam as the first competition approaches

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After a busy winter season, Sam Goodchild is sailing again. In Episode 3, he is in Lorient, France,
about to test the modifications made to his boat. He has chosen to start the season early as he has a
big year ahead of him: he plans to compete in his first solo races in 2022. His main challenge will be
the Route du Rhum in November, against 137 other candidates. But before that, other races await
him, such as the 1000 miles of Les Sables, and he will have to train hard to get to know the new
version of his boat inside out and discover all the aspects of solo sailing.

The most important thing for a navigator is to be ready for anything

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For Sam, being fit is a major priority: more than ever this year, he has no room for error, and even if
he has less time to train than in winter, he can’t afford to skip regular training sessions. For this, he
has chosen the rowing machine, a particularly effective piece of fitness equipment, as it provides a
cardio workout and targets the muscles of the whole body. This does not prevent him from getting
some outdoor exercise, too, where rowing is also on the agenda, along with a few sea kayaking trips.
Training on his RW900 rowing machine prepares Sam’s body for all the things he may have to do at
Follow this exciting time of year, filmed at a key moment in Sam Goodchild’s journey as a
professional sailor: Episode 3 is waiting for you on NordicTrack’s YouTube channel!

Keeping fit on the rowing machine: iFIT series selected by Sam Goodchild

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To be at your best, ready to face all the challenges of this season, Sam Goodchild has selected two
iFIT series that you can easily find on the app:
● Fast & Fit: French Polynesia Rowing series: rowing through the Polynesian islands of Tahiti
and Mo’orea with coach Kevin Scott, Sam Goodchild hones his rowing technique with

numerous interval sessions filmed in stunning tropical settings. He manages to fit these 12
training sessions of about 25 minutes into his busy schedule.
● Becoming a Rower with Alex Gregory is the perfect iFIT series to get you back into the rowing
mindset. Read the full description of this exciting series for beginners on the blog. Review the
basic movements and get your body used to rowing again. Your coach will accompany you
through both mental and physical preparation.
You, too, can keep fit and be ready for the challenges that await you this year. The next episode of
Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild is going to be an intense one, and you’ll find him right in the
middle of the competition season. Follow us on social media and the blog so you don’t miss out on
the rest of the adventure.