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Getting back into training after COVID-19 in 4 steps

How do I start training again after COVID-19?
After COVID-19 or a respiratory condition, resuming exercise should be done slowly, at least 7 days after the symptoms
have subsided. Start by working on your breathing and stretching. Then you can do moderate cardio activities. As soon as
you can do 30 minutes of endurance exercise without running out of breath, you can follow your usual programme every
other day and then continue as before.


5 useful tips for achieving all your goals

How can you plan to ensure that you achieve your goal?
To give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals, start by making sure that they are realistic, can be completed within a reasonable time frame and that you have chosen the right time to start. Next, prepare an action plan outlining how you will monitor your progress. Keep your true motivations in mind, ask for support from those close to you, and, above all, visualise yourself succeeding. You will succeed!

productive ritual routine sleep stretch breath

With your new morning ritual, you will have a more productive day!

How can I get into a good mood and be productive in the morning?
After a night’s sleep, the body needs water, natural light and movement, whether it’s stretching, walking or even breathing exercises. Choose a series of easy-to-remember numbers and create your own 3-step morning ritual to oxygenate your brain, get rid of tension, and get the most out of your day: good mood and productivity guaranteed!


Your post-partum fitness programme

A real antidote to the baby blues, your post-pregnancy fitness programme can be started a few weeks after giving birth, as soon as you have the authorisation of your doctor or midwife. In the meantime, rest and adopt adapted postures to help you recover. Once you’re ready, do gentle exercises, such as postnatal yoga. An application such as iFitĀ® Coach will help you achieve your goal and stay motivated!


15 tips and 3 key criteria to avoid sports injuries

To avoid sports injuries, warm up before exercising and stretch after training to improve your flexibility. Good quality, well-maintained equipment also ensures that you limit pain during and after your workout session. Pay attention to how you feel and don’t exert yourself. Adequate hydration and high-quality sleep are also essential to stay in shape.


Getting back in shape: Choosing the right activity in 3 steps

In order to resume exercise and maintain motivation over the long term, the choice of sporting activity is essential. Update your objectives and take stock of your current desires and your physical condition. There are many activities available to you, including indoor and outdoor sports, home workouts, extreme sports or simply brisk walking. To persevere and enjoy these exercises, equip yourself with high-quality equipment and take care of your diet.


When and how should you get back to sport after childbirth?

After giving birth, allow yourself some time before returning to sport. With the agreement of your doctor, you can get back to playing sports by choosing an appropriate activity after a few weeks off. While waiting for all the right conditions to be met, many very gentle activities can be conducted without danger, such as walking, stretching, breathing exercises…


Gently return to sport with the Kaizen method

By applying the principles of the Kaizen Method, a continuous improvement technique that means making progress in small steps, you can get back into sport smoothly, by staying motivated and gradually changing your routine. Every day is an opportunity to set more ambitious goals: little by little, you will end up moving mountains.


Taking up sport again: our advice for taking action

To get back into sport successfully, start gradually: once you have set your goals, make sure your new sports routine is a permanent fixture in your schedule. As you find your feet and select the activities that you really enjoy, you can increase the frequency and intensity of your sessions. It’s up to you!


Home fitness: resuming exercise after the lockdown

The arrival of Covid 19 has shaken up the sporting habits of everyone. Whether you have started exercise during the lockdown or you wish to go back to regain fitness after a most sedentary period, home fitness constitutes an ideal solution to respect the sanitary rules and relax without constraints: take back your goals at hand and let off steam at home in complete safety.


Taking up sport again: your personalised programme

To make a success of your return to sports after a break or holiday, take advantage of your motivation to set up new training habits. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, concentrate on fun activities and focus on comfort: home fitness is a great option to reach your goals.