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Taking up sport again: our advice for taking action

To find the motivation and return to sport in the long term, take stock of your goals and create a real training program adapted to your level. Keeping in mind that sports should be about pleasure, you will quickly notice your progress and quickly see the results.

The right attitude to resume sport smoothly


The  resumption of a sport after a period of inactivity must be progressive in order to start again on a good basis, to avoid any injury and to maintain motivation for a long time. Give yourself time to get your bearings and to get back into optimal physical condition at your own pace, by favouring regularity over the length of the sessions.

Set yourself a realistic goal

Defining your athletic goals is the first step to success. Why do you want to return to sport? From maintaining a good physical condition to weight loss and  muscle gain, every athlete has his or her own reasons for returning to physical activity.

To make sure you stay motivated, set concrete, measurable and achievable goals. For example, trying to lose 2 kg in one month will give you much more motivation than simply wanting to lose weight. With a clearly stated goal that is adapted to your abilities, you will be reminded why you put on your kit for each session. Don’t hesitate to write down your current objectives and keep them handy, in your home fitness room or in your diary!

Find markers to visualise your progress

When you  check your progress, you will see the advantage of having selected quantified and measurable objectives. The number of steps taken, the number of calories burned or the ratio between muscle mass and fat mass are all markers which indicate that  you are gradually reaching your goal. Note the progress of your performance in a notebook, on a Smartphone app or on your computer. These figures show the fruits of your efforts and will help you to find motivation when needed.

The real secret of motivation: having fun

Your sports sessions are likely to become your favourite time of the week if you choose an activity that is fun and gives you some enjoyment. Among the many choices of training and activities, you will be able to determine whether you prefer running, walking, swimming or dancing! Each sporting discipline offers something to improve your physical condition by varying the intensity of your efforts or the frequency of the sessions.

Take stock of your latest experience

If you want to  find good conditions in which to take up a sport again , take stock of your latest experiences. What was your reason for stopping your practice? Was it a lack of time, an activity that no longer suited you or a drop in motivation following difficulties you encountered? Again, list the obstacles that come to mind and try to find solutions to overcome them.

4 ideas to spice up your sports sessions

To make sure you enjoy each of your sports sessions, here are some ideas to try out according to your needs:

  1. Play sports to music to get you in a good mood and get you in rhythm.
  2. Find one or more training partners, ideally of a similar level and with goals close to yours. Playing multiplayer sport is an excellent way to motivate each other and to make each session an occasion to socialise during the week.
  3. Alternate the activities and intensity of the sessions, and the time will fly.
  4. Give yourself a motivating reward for every little victory. You’ve certainly earned it.

Set up a 3-step sports routine

Now you know how to banish boredom from your sports practice, you can gain a lot by turning your sports sessions into a regular ritual. Set aside a fixed time during the week and stick to it. It’s the first step towards building good habits.

Find a regular slot for sport

Are you more of an evening or morning person? No matter what time of day you decide to train, always do it at the same time of the day, so that you can  turn your sessions into a routine.

  • Training in the morning is ideal for starting the day by getting in shape with gentle activities.
  • Your lunch break is also an option to consider: a few hours after breakfast, the insulin level is ideal for endurance or cardio work.
  • In the afternoons, anything is possible, from running to rowing or swimming.
  • An evening session is also beneficial, well adapted to more intense activity, after a short break from work, and not too late so you can maintain restful sleep.

Whatever your choice,  your return to sport will be a winner if you make it regular and progress at your own pace.

Play sports without realising it

To get back into good physical condition quickly, the ideal thing to do is to adopt good habits in everyday life:

  • Stand rather than sit when using public transport.
  • Make shorter trips by bike instead of taking the car.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Play ping-pong.
  • Walk your dog.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Do DIY
  • Make doing the housework into a dynamic activity 
  • Laugh and have fun.

Practising a physical activity is a positive cycle: the more you move, the fitter you will be and you will be ready to take on any challenge. Every step and every movement you make brings you closer to your goals.

Break up your training

If you run out of time, feel free to  break up your training. With short and more frequent sessions, allowing time for rest, sports will be easier to fit into your schedule. And if it’s not, why not try home fitness? Every available second in your schedule can be devoted to sports activity, with a wide variety of activities that can be done with or without equipment.

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