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Why and how to train by monitoring your heart rate

Why train according to your heart rate?
Training with a heart rate monitor allows you to control your effort. The desired heart rate corresponds to a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR). It is possible to work at an endurance or intense cardio level by taking into account your physical condition, one of the key indicators of which is your resting heart rate.


Getting back into training after COVID-19 in 4 steps

How do I start training again after COVID-19?
After COVID-19 or a respiratory condition, resuming exercise should be done slowly, at least 7 days after the symptoms
have subsided. Start by working on your breathing and stretching. Then you can do moderate cardio activities. As soon as
you can do 30 minutes of endurance exercise without running out of breath, you can follow your usual programme every
other day and then continue as before.


COVID-19: Should you continue to train if you test positive?

Is it dangerous to exercise if I have COVID-19?
In the case of respiratory illnesses such as influenza or COVID-19, health officials recommend not exercising during the
illness and for up to a week after the symptoms have stopped. Resting the body helps speed up recovery and avoid the risk
of worsening symptoms, especially cardiac ones. Resuming physical activity at the right time will help speed up the recovery

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Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: Episode 3. As the season starts again, Sam focuses on rowing and new challenges for 2022

Whats next for Sam Goodchild in the 2022 competition season?
In 2022, sailor Sam Goodchild is about to embark on one of his greatest challenges: sailing solo around the world for the
first time on his trimaran. After a winter break, the competition season is starting again. Between two sea trials and the first
races of the year, he is keeping himself in shape with his rowing machine to be ready for anything in the new year.


ActivePulse™: The Ultimate iFIT Functionality, Heart Rate Training

Thanks to ActivePulse™ technology, a new way of looking at sport is offered to you! Until now, adjusting the speed and inclination of a device had to be done manually throughout the session. Now, these parameters are automatically calibrated based on a physical factor: your heart rate. Your training becomes more tailored to your goals and ability than ever before.


Boost Your Energy System with Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is a training technique that consists of a series of short, intense exercises performed in split sessions with very little rest. This allows the body to activate all its energy production systems and burn more calories. Depending on your goals, you can adjust the effort/rest ratio of your sessions.


How Do You Improve Your Running Speed?

Running faster requires technical work that is worth doing when you know how efficient it can be! By integrating running phases of varying intensity into your cardio and running training, you can optimise your range of motion and stride rate to accelerate your pace progressively during the run. You can reap the benefits in training as well as in competition!


Cross-Training: Combining Cardio and Weight Training

Crosstraining, or cross-training, mixes several types of exercises: muscular strengthening with or without accessories, cardio exercises, muscle-building movements. This type of programme allows you to improve your athletic performance on all fronts, whatever your level and objective: weight loss, weight gain, getting back into shape… For successful strength and cardio cross-training, there’s nothing like versatile equipment such as the Fusion CST or Vault from NordicTrack.


The swimrun: What does this biathlon discipline consist of?

A swimrun is a recently developed discipline of the biathlon type, whereby running and swimming are alternated in nature without changing your outfit. This fun endurance activity is done in pairs and requires good training, in particular, to better manage the transitions between each section of swimming or running.


Everything you need to know to get started with CrossFit

Combining weight training exercises, cardio and weightlifting, CrossFit is a licensed cross-training method with one WOD per session. Follow this training concept at home with adapted fitness equipment, such as the NordicTrack Fusion CST or Vault. With the help of specialised coaches, you have access to an infinite number of workouts and the support of the iFit® community.


Killer Cardio & Core: iFit® Sessions You’ll Remember!

With 15 sessions of about 20 minutes each combining bodyweight work and cardio with a few fitness accessories, the Killer Cardio and Core program awaits you on iFit® Daily to burn calories and get back in shape quickly! Access your workouts at the touch of a button, no matter where you are. The iFit® Daily workouts include hundreds of hours of training for all athletes.


Why and how to start cross-training at home

Comprising a variety of challenges, combining bodyweight exercises, weight training and fitness workouts, cross-training can be practised at home. To get off to a good start and create your first WOD, learn a few basic exercises, such as air squats, burpees and dips. Then, take it to the next level with a machine like NordicTrack’s Fusion CST, which is designed to help you achieve a complete workout combining strength and cardio training.