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Why and how to start cross-training at home

To get started with cross-training , discover the principles and basic exercises of this complete sport by combining cardio and muscle strengthening. With the right equipment, it is possible to successfully complete your cross-training or CrossFit training plan at home.

Cross-training, a sports training technique with growing success

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Initially intended for athletes who wished to improve their training sessions with new activities, cross-training has become a discipline in its own right. The best-known type of cross-training is CrossFit, a registered trademark designated to a specific cross-training method.

Cross-training has taken the idea of WOD from the CrossFit Workout Of the Day, or challenge of the day, consisting of various exercises to be performed in a given time. Cross-training is accessible to everyone, fun and very trendy. It allows you to improve your physical condition very quickly, in several sessions of 45 minutes to one hour per week. Here are 3 good reasons to convince you to start cross-training at home:

  • Cross-training is ideal for losing weight and getting into shape, helping to burn a lot of calories, even after the workout.
  • With cross-training, you will never get bored: The WOD variations and combinations are almost infinite!
  • This training technique takes into account all the necessary aspects for an effective workout: Flexibility, strength, balance, cardio, bodybuilding, and so on.

6 essential cross-training exercises

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In cross-training, the exercises are intended to be performed in a very short time, with short recovery periods, and the session is usually timed. A WOD includes both bodyweight exercises and other workouts inspired by fitness or weight training, with or without equipment. Here are some of the key exercises of cross-training sessions, including their benefits:

  • The air squat is a classic muscle-strengthening exercise for toning thighs and buttocks.
  • The box jump is a jump from the floor to top of a box or bench using both feet to strengthen the lower body muscles.
  • The bench press, or chest press, is performed lying down to work the pecs and biceps.
  • The burpee is a complete cardio exercise, combining a squat, push-up and jump.
  • Traction strengthens the back muscles.
  • The double under is a skipping technique that works on endurance and cardio: This involves swinging the rope twice under the feet at each jump.

Successful cross-training sessions at home with the right equipment

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While cross-training, especially CrossFit, are activities frequently offered by gyms, you can also train at home by choosing suitable fitness equipment. The Fusion CST and the NordicTrack Vault are both designed to allow you to perform any type of WOD at home.

The Fusion CST, for combining strength training and cardio training at home

NordicTrack’s Fusion CST gives you the opportunity to do cross-training under the same conditions as in a gym, but in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Available in 2 versions, with or without a rowing machine, it is designed for complete cross-training sessions, combining cardio and weight training.

Its four pairs of pulleys arranged at different heights, connected to 2.40 metres of cables, allow you to perform any type of exercise: Tractions, squats, dips, and more. The resistance adjusts automatically according to the iFit® programme followed.

A Bluetooth heart rate belt is supplied with the device and its removable base can support a tablet or a smartphone. There is also a tablet holder at eye level on the device and the NordicTrack Portal 10″ Touch Tablet is included.

NordicTrack: Innovative solutions to achieve your goals

With NordicTrack, you can discover more and more innovative solutions to train at home and easily reach all your sporting goals:

  • The upcoming Vault is an all-in-one home fitness station, which includes a rotating interactive reflective mirror and storage for all your fitness equipment. Follow your virtual coaching sessions while monitoring your posture and copying your coach’s movements, which you see in front of you in real size.
  • Customise your training with iFit® virtual coaching: Choose from thousands of interactive sessions with professional coaches.

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