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Killer Cardio & Core: iFit® Sessions You’ll Remember!

The iFit® library includes workouts that are compatible with all NordicTrack devices and also a wide variety of bodyweight workouts and workouts with small fitness accessories. Focus on the Killer Cardio & Core program with its intense cardio sessions to show you the possibilities of iFit® Daily!

A Multitude of Workouts Available Anywhere on iFit® Daily

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In addition to the many fitness machine training options in the iFit® library, many workouts without equipment or with simple accessories are available in the iFit® Daily section: vinyasa yoga, weight training, HIIT, bodyweight work, step, skipping rope, Swiss ball, etc. The programmes also include specific content to match the needs of each athlete’s profile, such as express sessions in less than 15 minutes, a special bikini programme to get ready for summer or exercises dedicated to young mothers who want to get back into shape.

Make your selection and access your workouts whenever you want, from the device of your choice: computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. To start enjoying your sessions, all you have to do is click! After following a session, the number of calories burned is displayed on your account, which can be added to those spent on your fitness machine for a complete follow-up. Videos with recipes and nutrition tips are also available to complement your workout with proper nutrition.

Killer Cardio & Core: a Cardio and Full-Body Program That Won’t Let You Down

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The Killer Cardio & Core workout includes 15 sessions of less than 20 minutes focused on cardio and core strengthening: lumbar, back and abdominal muscles. These fast-paced moves will burn up to 170 calories per session! This fitness programme is led by Kylie Ross, an energetic iFit® coach who will motivate you.

The sessions are composed of both well-known and lesser-known postures and dynamic exercises combining muscle strengthening and cardio, to be performed simply with bodyweight or small fitness accessories that are easy to obtain and accessible to all budgets, such as a ball, dumbbells or a skipping rope. However, all sessions include a majority of exercises without equipment and when equipment is used, you can adapt the movements to train even if you don’t have the suggested equipment. Just remember to bring a fitness mat for the floor sections. A thick towel can also be used if necessary.

The lessons are given by your trainer, who gives advice on how to perform the movements correctly. During the sessions, 2 other athletes accompany him/her and carry out the movements simultaneously with an atmosphere worthy of a group class in a gym! iFit® Daily training sessions are a good solution for exercising at home, at work or on the move easily and without constraints.

Your Workout: Lose Calories and Build Muscle in Less Than 20 Minutes Over 15 Sessions 

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Here is an overview of the intensive program that awaits you during the first 5 sessions of Killer Cardio & Core:

  • Workout 1, 166 calories, 18.22 mins: star jumps, side jump burpees, side planks, squat jumps, single-leg V-ups and other masterfully executed bodyweight exercises are performed to rhythmic music.
  • Workout 2, 149 calories, 18.13 mins: skipping rope workout mixed with abdominal exercises and jump squats.
  • Workout 3, 153 calories, 17.59 mins: the Swiss ball is used for part of your workout to enhance the classic plank tuck. Other exercises, such as lunges with your foot forward, await you.
  • Workout 4, 153 calories, 16.45 min: a new session without equipment featuring step-ups and abdominal exercises.
  • Workout 5, 167 calories, 17.28 min: after a phase dedicated to an abdominal workout, the rhythm accelerates at the end of the session with cardio exercises not previously featured.

Would you like to try out these cardio workouts and access many other fitness coaching videos to reach your goals? Download the iFit® application and add endless variety to your workouts in the disciplines of your choice.

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