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Planking: these 5 common mistakes you won’t make again

What mistakes should be avoided when planking?
The most common mistakes when doing the plank are: arching your back, looking up, misplacing your hips, squeezing your
shoulders and trying to hold the position for too long, at the risk of moving away from the optimal posture. By knowing
how to detect them, you are better equipped to avoid them and you can enjoy all the benefits of this must-do bodyweight


The ultimate guide to perfect abs

How to strengthen your abdominal muscles

To strengthen your abdominal muscles, alternate basic exercises that use their 3 main muscle groups, such as crunches, V-ups or planks,
for example, 2 to 3 times a week, at the beginning of a session. Be patient, the effort is worth it: in your daily life as well as in your
sports practice. You will soon see the benefits!


Weight Training: How to Choose Your Free Weights

Among muscle strengthening exercises, those with free weights are particularly popular in bodybuilding. Choose your type of weight according to your gender, your body and your athletic goals, then increase the load gradually, at your own pace, to develop your muscle mass little by little while avoiding injury.


Exercise Bikes: Focus On Muscle Strengthening

The exercise bike is gentle on the joints and particularly effective for working the muscles of the lower body: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves… Combined with additional fitness equipment such as a rowing machine or body weight exercises without the use of equipment, it is popular for both physical preparation and rehabilitation.


Physical Preparation: Your Summer Fitness Programme

To get into top shape this summer, start a few weeks or even months in advance by adopting good lifestyle habits: a balanced diet, physical activity, quality sleep… Optimise your physical preparation by setting up a sports schedule including endurance and targeted muscle-building exercises: planking, squats, push-ups, etc.


Your At-Home Planking Challenge

Planking exercises help to improve strength and balance. These isometric exercises, held over time, burn fat and strengthen muscles without increasing their volume. They allow you to sculpt a healthy figure quickly.


Buttocks and Lower Body Challenge: Getting Muscular Legs and Buttocks Is Up to You!

The buttocks muscles are involved in all the movements of daily life, and even more so during physical exercise. Having muscular buttocks and a toned lower body helps to maintain balance and spare your back and knees. Many exercises strengthen the muscles of the lower body, such as squats or donkey kicks. Compose a personalised challenge adapted to your level and strengthen your buttocks to stay in shape and improve your athletic performance.


Squats: Get to the Next Level by Adjusting Your Position!

Squats are one of the most popular fitness exercises. Depending on how your feet are positioned and your posture, you can target the glutes or certain thigh muscles while improving the power of your squats. Try different variations and take your squats to the next level!


Forgotten Muscles: Wake Them Up with This 20-Minute Workout!

The deep muscles of the shoulder, the erector spinae muscles, the psoas and the forearm muscles are among the muscles that are least used during training. To awaken these forgotten muscles, which can differ depending on the activity practised, opt for targeted exercises to integrate into your training programme.


Dumbbells and Abs: 5 Original Exercises to Push Your Limits

Small, compact and easy to use, dumbbells can be integrated into all your muscle strengthening sessions to multiply the effects. After discovering classic exercises for pectorals, biceps, trapezius or legs, push your limits with intense and original ab exercises with just 1 dumbbell!


Your challenge: To develop muscular, shapely calves

Having muscular calves helps improve physical endurance, something that is particularly important when cycling, walking or running, for example. Strengthening your calves is also a good way to avoid sports injuries. Start a 21-day challenge with exercises that target this region and then persevere in your efforts by adopting new habits to maintain well-rounded calves.


Strengthening your arms at home: The challenge

Strengthening your arms improves posture, balances the strength on both sides of the body, firms up your arms and increases resistance, which is useful for all everyday movements. To work the arms, different exercises target specific muscle groups. To motivate yourself, try a 30-day arm challenge by gradually increasing the number of repetitions in your circuit.