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Weight training: Guide, tips and benchmarks

How do you build muscle by lifting weights?
To optimise your weights in strength training, determine your objectives: the load and number of repetitions vary depending on whether you want to increase your muscle volume or improve your resistance to effort. There are different types of weights: choose them according to the areas you want to strengthen, your level and your physical condition.


Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: episode 4, training in mobility, challenge taken up throughout the season

How can I train on the move with the iFIT application?
With the iFIT smartphone app, you can train at home (on or off fitness equipment) as well as on the move, in a hotel, on the
beach or anywhere in the world. The audio series are particularly suitable for training on the go. This is one of the solutions
Sam Goodchild uses to stay in shape when he's away from his gym and the competition season is in full swing.


Change up your workouts: Focusing on back work

Why strengthen your back?
Having a muscular back helps to improve posture, balance your body shape and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.
With or without equipment, many exercises effectively target the back muscles: rowing, pull-ups, planking, rowing, etc.


What is the most effective training program for burning fat?

How do you train to reduce body fat?
According to the latest scientific studies, HIIT (split interval training) and muscle strengthening are two particularly effective
techniques for activating fat burning. Endurance training also has its place in a fitness programme, but sessions of more
than 30 to 40 minutes of moderate-intensity effort should be planned so that the body draws on fat stocks.


According to science, here’s how to train to live better and longer

How can I live better and longer by exercising?
Exercise is a good way to stay fit. The latest studies suggest daily cardio activity and paying attention to walking speed
rather than step count to age well. In addition, strength and functional training exercises help maintain strength and


Revolutionise your fitness routine with Vault

What is Vault, the connected fitness mirror from NordicTrack?
Vault is a reflective surface that you can rotate 360° to watch your every move, a mini gym with storage for your fitness
accessories (included if you choose the option), a tracking tool that records all your performances and a screen that displays
the exercise classes of your favourite iFIT coaches. Give it a try!


Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: 5 episodes on the physical preparation of a professional sailor

Why follow the Stay on Track web series with Sam Goodchild and NordicTrack?
How can you improve your training by taking inspiration from the techniques of a professional ocean sailor? That’s what you’ll discover when you follow the Stay on Track web series with Sam Goodchild, featuring 5 episodes focusing on the physical preparation of this top athlete throughout the 2022 season. The partnership between NordicTrack and its outstanding new ambassador will inspire you and provide you with the keys to perfecting your indoor and outdoor sports routines. Stay tuned!


Planking: these 5 common mistakes you won’t make again

What mistakes should be avoided when planking?
The most common mistakes when doing the plank are: arching your back, looking up, misplacing your hips, squeezing your
shoulders and trying to hold the position for too long, at the risk of moving away from the optimal posture. By knowing
how to detect them, you are better equipped to avoid them and you can enjoy all the benefits of this must-do bodyweight


The ultimate guide to perfect abs

How to strengthen your abdominal muscles

To strengthen your abdominal muscles, alternate basic exercises that use their 3 main muscle groups, such as crunches, V-ups or planks,
for example, 2 to 3 times a week, at the beginning of a session. Be patient, the effort is worth it: in your daily life as well as in your
sports practice. You will soon see the benefits!


Weight Training: How to Choose Your Free Weights

Among muscle strengthening exercises, those with free weights are particularly popular in bodybuilding. Choose your type of weight according to your gender, your body and your athletic goals, then increase the load gradually, at your own pace, to develop your muscle mass little by little while avoiding injury.


Exercise Bikes: Focus On Muscle Strengthening

The exercise bike is gentle on the joints and particularly effective for working the muscles of the lower body: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves… Combined with additional fitness equipment such as a rowing machine or body weight exercises without the use of equipment, it is popular for both physical preparation and rehabilitation.


Physical Preparation: Your Summer Fitness Programme

To get into top shape this summer, start a few weeks or even months in advance by adopting good lifestyle habits: a balanced diet, physical activity, quality sleep… Optimise your physical preparation by setting up a sports schedule including endurance and targeted muscle-building exercises: planking, squats, push-ups, etc.