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Revolutionise your fitness routine with Vault

Turn your living room into a gym 2.0 with Vault, your smart fitness mirror. It’s a fitness coach,
interactive touch screen and mirror that lets you control your movements from every angle. It’s time
to move into the future of connected fitness! Experience a whole new way to get the most out of
your favourite iFIT series.

With Vault, your training will never be the same

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Imagine the ideal fitness room, embodied by a high-tech equipment design that’s as compact as it is
beautiful. Vault is the coach who encourages you, follows your training in real-time and
congratulates you every time you make progress. It’s the new backdrop for your training sessions. It’s
there when you need it and blends in between sessions. At a glance, you can see your iFIT coach’s
posture and your own, for unparalleled comfort. Vault is also a mirror that blends in with your living
space, no matter what your decor.
Behind its reflective surface, both screen and mirror are your fitness accessories. Take out your
dumbbells and yoga mat, select the iFIT session you want to do that day, adjust the angle of the
mirror to suit your needs and move in unison with your coach. When you’re done working out, put
everything back in place, and your Vault will be waiting for you to take on your next challenges.

Why is Vault right for you?

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By inviting Vault into your home, you’ll make great strides no matter what your level of fitness:
● You’ll get a great start on your fitness journey with a well-thought-out accessory kit if you
opt for the full version.
● You’ll progress quickly because you’ll be sure to perform the right movements at the right
pace, and you can quickly correct your form if necessary.
● You can free yourself from all the constraints of gym work and train in the comfort of your
home without sacrificing a room: elegant and discreet, your connected mirror even
contributes to your decor when it is not in use.
● Track your performance and health data: Vault is compatible with various heart rate
monitors and records every step of your journey. Pick up where you left off last time and
easily analyse your progress.

● Access hundreds of hours of training in optimal conditions: iFIT studio classes are displayed
in high definition on the Vault’s surface, and you can escape in HD via the most inspiring
current series that are filmed all over the world.

The iFIT series to try out on your new connected mirror

man vault strength fitness mirror

Have you taken the plunge and got your new Vault in your living room? Discover these iFIT series or
rediscover them in a new way:
● Train Like a Pro – Alex Morgan Strength Series + Cardio Series: It’s the perfect time to try Alex
Morgan’s cardio and strength training programme! Follow your instincts; Vault gives you the
freedom to experiment at your own pace and synchronise your senses with your
● Get your yoga mat off the shelf of your Vault and take time to recharge with the Bermuda
Beginner Vinyasa Yoga Series.
● The Champions Series with Michael Phelps, shot in the idyllic setting of Maui, Hawaii, takes
on a whole new dimension on your connected mirror. Get inspired by Olympic champion
and iFIT community favourite John Peel.
● The Redefine Fitness Strength series with Kelsey Wells, filmed in the studio, will also allow
you to boost your fitness journey with dumbbells and your yoga mat. The precisely filmed
movements against a black background are perfect, so nothing will distract you. You’ll feel
like Kelsey is right in front of you on your Vault screen!
How could you go back after experiencing the Vault? A new way of looking at home fitness is within
your grasp, so go for it!

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