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Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: episode 4, training in mobility, challenge taken up throughout the season

How can I train on the move with the iFIT application?
With the iFIT smartphone app, you can train at home (on or off fitness equipment) as well as on the move, in a hotel, on the
beach or anywhere in the world. The audio series are particularly suitable for training on the go. This is one of the solutions
Sam Goodchild uses to stay in shape when he's away from his gym and the competition season is in full swing.

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New York, London or Chicago: start running one of the world’s biggest marathons

How can I participate in the world’s most famous marathons?
The 6 World Marathon Majors, the largest marathons in the world, are accessible by registration. Some, like Boston, are particularly difficult to access. Each course is a unique and unforgettable experience. Experience the New York, London, Chicago and Boston marathons from home on your treadmill with the iFIT app.


Top 5 fitness trends: what you can expect in 2022

What are the trends in the fitness world in 2022?
In 2022, athletes want to be autonomous in their practice more than ever. An ideal fitness journey integrates all aspects of
health (physical and mental), the involvement of inspiring and competent coaches and the possibility to move anywhere
and anytime, preferably at home or outdoors. Connected, on-demand coaching and fitness equipment for home training
are key elements in meeting these requirements.


Top 10 iFIT 2021 series not to be missed

Which iFIT series stood out in 2021?
In 2021, iFIT brought you exceptional moments with live events, workouts filmed in incredible destinations, documentaries, studio sessions and surprises. The Train Like a Pro series, designed by top athletes, as well as a lot of content related to mental and emotional health and nutrition, was added to the iFIT library in 2021.


Mental toughness goals: iFIT’s mind-building series

How do you strengthen the body and mind simultaneously during training?
On iFIT, your running, cycling, rowing or strength training sessions are as beneficial to your body as they are to your mind. Build resilience, mental strength and determination with sessions for all disciplines and levels. Begin your journey to wellness with yoga, meditation, fitness, mindfulness, neuroscience, sleep, nutrition, athlete testimonials and more.

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Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: Episode 3. As the season starts again, Sam focuses on rowing and new challenges for 2022

Whats next for Sam Goodchild in the 2022 competition season?
In 2022, sailor Sam Goodchild is about to embark on one of his greatest challenges: sailing solo around the world for the
first time on his trimaran. After a winter break, the competition season is starting again. Between two sea trials and the first
races of the year, he is keeping himself in shape with his rowing machine to be ready for anything in the new year.


Give a new dimension to your training by (re)discovering all the iFIT features

How can I use all the features of the iFIT application to improve my training?
Whether or not it's paired with NordicTrack equipment, the iFIT application offers you a completely personalised training
experience for body and mind. On a tablet, on a smartphone or from the console of your fitness equipment, in audio or the
video version, with synchronisation on Google Maps TM , with your favourite coach, anywhere in the world… Train the way
you want, thanks to our connected virtual coaching solution.


Heading for adventure: 3 ways to get away and experience new sensations on iFIT

How can you get away from it all while doing sport at home?
iFIT’s interactive coaching solutions are designed to offer you unique experiences: get away from it all by following workouts filmed in the
four corners of the world, join live sporting events around the globe or design your own circuit, with the terrain data transmitted to your
device for an immersive effect. Adventure is always at home!


A 15-minute yoga session to get your energy up in the morning

Which sports session can give you energy in the morning?
To be fit and in a good mood in the morning, take inspiration from the sun salutations by doing a 15-minute yoga session: by linking a series
of postures that mobilise the whole body, you stretch, oxygenate your brain, reactivate your circulation… Enough to feel dynamic, toned
and ready to face the day.

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Cycling Without Limits: an inspiring cycling series to strengthen body and mind

How can the iFIT Cycling Without Limits series inspire cyclists beyond their sport?
By following the Cycling Without Limits series, cyclists strengthen their bodies as well as their minds. Discover the inspiring
story of Brandon Lyons, who became an Olympic-level para-cyclist after an accident. He’ll challenge you to push the
envelope, change your perspective and go beyond your limits with a series you’ll grow from.

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Become a rower with a special iFIT rowing series for beginners

What are the benefits of a rowing machine and how do I get started?
The rowing machine has the advantage of working almost all muscle groups while being a particularly effective cardio
exercise. Accessible to all and with low impact on the joints, it requires only a good understanding of the basic movement
to begin. Get started with the iFIT Becoming a Rower series and fall in love with this low-pressure, getaway workout.


Boost your cardio and escape to Vietnam for 6 weeks with a complete iFIT programme

Who is the iFIT Vietnam Intermediate Cardio HIIT series for?
After her HIIT cardio program for beginners filmed in Bolivia, Hannah Eden offers a series for experienced athletes who
want to reach new fitness goals. Boost your cardio and get ready to work out hard with these 30 complete sessions spread
over 6 weeks of training filmed at the most beautiful places in Vietnam.