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Heading for adventure: 3 ways to get away and experience new sensations on iFIT

Escape to paradisiacal destinations, experience a live sporting event or explore the planet at your leisure. On iFIT, a new experience awaits you with every workout. Adventure awaits on iFIT with
NordicTrack and it’s there now!

Travel the world and train in dream settings

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Visit the iFIT library for new adventures. These 3 series take you to the farthest reaches of the planet for experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

The End of the World series, with John Peel – Treadmill and Incline Trainer – 4 weeks

iFIT coach John Peel takes you through the wilderness, deep into the mountains of Patagonia in
Argentina, to the city of Ushuaia. You then cross the Drake Passage to the frozen lands of Antarctica.
Interval running, incline walking, running and bodyweight training are all part of the programme for a
comprehensive 20-session, 38-minute workout you’ll never forget. Pack your bag and get your
trainers on!

Carolina Blue Ridge Adventure with George Hincapie – Cycling – 12 sessions

Pedal along the Appalachian Mountains and enjoy panoramic views filmed in incredible locations.
The intensity increases as you ride through the beautiful mountainous landscape of the Carolinas.
You follow the training that your iFIT coach did when he was preparing for the Tour de France. You,
too, can climb to the top by working on strength, endurance and cardio!

Walking tour of ancient Egypt with Ramy Romany – 14 walks in the world of the pharaohs

You will feel like an archaeologist as you follow Ramy Romany to the foot of the pyramids of ancient
Egypt. This sporty and educational programme is ideal for the whole family. Accessible to all levels, it
takes you to the end of your dreams to discover an exciting civilisation. Between visits to ancient
tombs and major monuments, you won’t even feel like you’re doing any sport. However, when you count the calories burned, you will feel that you have fully fulfilled your contract!

Experience exclusive live sports events

For you, sport is live. Thrill, challenge, danger and competition are available, without even moving
from your living room. With iFIT, you are always at the heart of the event, wherever it takes place on
the planet. Participate in live events on iFIT. You, too, can say, “I was there”!

Everest: a trek to base camp – a live meeting on the roof of the world

With iFIT, you can join appointments filmed live at the location of some of the shoots. As a preview,
iFIT subscribers were able to attend a 20-minute hike on the Kala Patthar trail to watch the sunrise at
5:45 am in Nepal, experiencing in real-time the emotion felt by the iFIT coaches upon arrival!
You can relive this moment at will by following the entire series. For iFIT subscribers, this training
series takes on a new dimension, because they, too, were there in Nepal!

Exclusive events not to be missed

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Stay tuned to iFIT and receive notifications to register for upcoming live events:
● At the Live Boston 3K event on the Boston Marathon course the day before the race, Sunday,
October 10 at 9:00 a.m., members of the iFIT community got together to run the course on their treadmills. They simply registered to participate and were able to join the live event 10 minutes before the start. During these live events, you can ask your coach questions. You then receive a digital reward and the live training becomes available as a replay to all
● Put on your best Halloween costume and get ready for the Live Wicked 10K challenge, filmed along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk in Virginia on October 31, with Jonnie Gale, your iFIT coach. Chills guaranteed!

Create your own journey with Google Maps, in explorer mode

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If you like to go off the beaten track, iFIT is the perfect place to explore. The whole planet is yours,
thanks to the compatibility of Google MapsTM with NordicTrack equipment. Live the race of your
dreams when you want!
Go where you’ve never dared to go, plot your route and use accurate terrain data to train. As you
roam the globe, detailed Street View images are displayed in real-time on your interactive
touchscreen. The tilt and power of the device are automatically adjusted to give you a realistic feel.
Choose your destination each day and continue the adventure on iFIT.

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