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Boost your cardio and escape to Vietnam for 6 weeks with a complete iFIT programme

Take your cardio training to the next level with an iFIT programme for advanced athletes set in the beautiful landscape of Vietnam. Follow Hannah Eden 5 times a week for 6 weeks as she explores the
beaches, temples and forests of one of the most beautiful peninsulas in the world. Through this complete HIIT cardio program, you will work out, sweat and excel for 30 days leading to a stronger
body and bigger dreams! Pack your bag and put on your trainers, the adventure starts now!

Why you will love this new iFIT series with Hannah Eden

cardio training athlete vietnam workout

After a 20-session HIIT cardio program filmed in Bolivia, Hannah Eden is back! For 6 weeks, alternate
between running, brisk walking, strength training and walking on inclined terrain 5 times a week
while enjoying magnificent views filmed at the most beautiful sites in Vietnam. Follow the guide to
find out what to expect during your next 30 sessions on your treadmill.

A comprehensive programme to strengthen the heart and the whole body

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If you’ve never worked on your high-intensity cardio before, start with the HIIT Cardio for Beginners
series to get to know Hannah before you escape to Vietnam. On the agenda for this second
instalment are:
● Mobility exercises interspersed with moderate running intervals
● Full-body strength training sessions using resistance bands, with targeted movements in
the arms, core and legs
● Brisk walking on inclined terrain, up to an RPE* of 9-10, filmed in the mountains and
tropical jungle
● Intervals of walking, running at different intensities and bodyweight movements
At each difficult stage, Hannah Eden will encourage you and reward you for your efforts with
breathtaking views.
*The perception of effort is measured in RPE on a scale of 1 to 10.

A cultural journey into the heart of Vietnam

vietnam culture stunning statue views

During your trip, tour Vietnam’s most iconic sites and learn more about its history and people:
● Admire the beautiful stone carvings at Thái Vi Temple, discover the legend of the famous
Sword Lake and spend a magical afternoon at Chiều Cave
● Reach the top of Ti Top Island, climb Hang Mua Peak for stunning views of the Red River
Delta, make your way along the trails of the Marble Mountains and push your expedition
to Ngu Lam Peak on Cat Ba Island
● Practice along the Ceramic Mosaic Mural in Hanoi, in the gardens surrounding the Linh
Ứng Pagoda, on the Bãi Cháy Bridge, in the heart of the rice fields in Pom Coọng, on the
iconic Golden Bridge and other venues
● Explore Hanoi’s bustling Old French Quarter and the former imperial city
● Contemplate the stalactites of the Soldier’s Cave, discover the legendary Am Tiên Cave
and admire the ancient Hoa Lư City
● Run along the marina of Hạlong Bay, Tuần Châu Island and then to the beaches of Ang
Bang and Bãi Cháy
● Cross the Dragon Bridge to My Khe Beach and discover Non Nuoc Beach, yet another of
the world’s most beautiful beaches
● End the series with a night tour of the night market in the old quarter of Hội An
During the sessions, Hannah Eden reveals the local legends and stories. Experience an incredible
journey through Vietnam without leaving home.
By following the 6 weeks of 5 sessions offered in the Vietnam Intermediate Cardio HIIT series, you
will have covered a total of over 70 km in just over 16 hours, lost no less than 3800 calories and
taken in unforgettable sights.
At the end of this journey, your heart will beat faster and you’ll find it hard to resist the urge to set
off for a new destination. See you soon for another iFIT experience!

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