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Become a rower with a special iFIT rowing series for beginners

Approach exercise without stress or the desire to perform and just enjoy the moment while getting a little better every day, with every stroke… If you can relate to this description, you are ready to become a “rower”: take up rowing and benefit from the calming influence of Alex Gregory, your iFIT coach. He will accompany you under the Martinique sun for 5 introductory sessions that will teach you the basics of your new rowing routine.

Why choose to train on a rowing machine?

man indoor home workout rowing

There is a reason why the rowing machine is one of the most popular pieces of equipment among
home fitness enthusiasts (and top athletes):
● In a single movement, you work almost 90% of your muscles and sculpt your figure in a
harmonious way: what a way to optimize your training time!
● You strengthen your heart and burn calories without putting too much strain on your
joints because the rowing machine is a low-impact discipline, often recommended for
resuming physical activity after an injury.
● Endurance, strength, resistance work: the training options are varied.
● You can train at home all year round and the rowing machine perfectly complements
other types of activities, such as running or cycling.
● Relaxing and accessible to athletes of all levels, the rowing machine is easy to learn. Once
you understand the basic movement, you’ll enjoy getting back into shape at home.

The basic movement of the rower

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Before you start your iFIT series, learn the basics of how to set up your rowing machine and
perform the basic movement:
● Foot position: slide forward on your seat until your shins are vertical to prepare for
propulsion. This position will serve as a guide for adjusting your footpegs.
● Make sure you are sitting upright with a stable, relaxed back and take the handle of the
rowing machine in your hands.

● The basic movement starts with the legs, the most powerful muscles in the body: push on
your feet to straighten your legs, then engage your core. Only at the end of the
movement do the arms come into play.
● Don’t lean back too far, the finish position should be comfortable. Make sure you are
stable enough before starting the return movement.
● To work on endurance, set your rowing machine to a resistance of 4 to 5. The higher the
resistance, the harder you work your muscles. On NordicTrack equipment, the resistance
automatically adjusts as you work through your iFIT session.

Becoming a Rower: the ideal iFIT series for getting started in rowing

athlete health rowing workout fitness

Embark on a journey to the Caribbean with Alex Gregory, your iFIT coach, and learn the basic rowing
techniques under the best conditions by following the 5 sessions of the Becoming a Rower series:

  1. Find your rhythm and take control of your rowing machine during this first session. In the
    beautiful scenery of Martinique, Alex Gregory will start you off with several 5-minute
    rowing sets interspersed with 30-second recovery periods.
  2. Go along the coast of Le Robert and learn how to work your lower body on the rowing
    machine with an interval training session. Alternate between leg strengthening and classic
    rowing movements to perfect your technique and get your bearings.
  3. Let’s go for 2 sessions of 10 minutes of rowing to reinforce your skills in the calmness of
    the bay of Carbet. While you row, your trainer shares lessons learned from his Olympic
    training experience with you.
  4. Today, add targeted back muscle movements to your leg isolation exercises to gain
    power. Row for 3 sets of 2 minutes using only your legs and back, then finish the session
    with 4 minutes of classic movements.
  5. In the heart of the mangroves, continue to synchronize your core and leg work. This
    interval session gives you one last opportunity to enjoy the tropical scenery of Martinique
    and to learn from Alex Gregory. Have fun, you are now a real “rower”!

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