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Give a new dimension to your training by (re)discovering all the iFIT features

Take advantage of the full potential of the iFIT app to reach your goals. You already know about the
app, whether or not it’s paired with your NordicTrack fitness device, but are you really using all of its
capabilities to create a custom fitness program and track your progress? With this short overview of
iFIT features, you’ll have everything you need to take your training experience to the next level.

Choose your workout type on the iFIT app

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On the homepage of the application, you can select the type of equipment you are using with one
● Treadmill
● Bike
Rowing machine
● Elliptical trainer
● Cross-training equipment: Fusion CST, The Vault
Different content awaits you depending on your interests:
● Strength training to tone your body and build muscle
● Yoga
● A healthy mind in a healthy body: nutrition, mental preparation, meditation, etc.

Starting an iFIT training session with NordicTrack equipment

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Get the most out of your fitness equipment by pairing it:
● Log into your iFIT account on your smartphone, computer or tablet.
● Add workouts to your queue by going to “Menu” and then “Library”.
● You can access your queue via the main menu to organise your workouts.
● Turn on your fitness equipment and connect it to your iFIT account.

● Add the workouts in your queue to your calendar.
● Go ahead and adjust your equipment’s incline, speed and resistance in real-time as you work

Create a map of your workout

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To create a map of your running or cycling route, go to the main page of your iFIT account, then:
● From your computer, on the website:
o Click on Create > Map-based training.
o Give your course a name.
o Choose whether it is a run or a bike workout, and write a description of the route if
you wish.
o Enter the date in your training calendar.
o Set up your route:
▪ Is it a circuit, a round trip or a linear route?
▪ Do you want to train on roads only?
▪ You can view Google Street View-compatible streets to see the scenery in
real-time while training.
o Enter the start and end points.
o Refine your ride by dragging the route where you want it.
o Record your ride: calories, distance, speed and time are displayed.
● From your NordicTrack equipment:
o Press “Create” on your console.
o Select the start and end points of your route. If you want to create a loop, press
o You can check the “Road route” option to avoid roads.
o The altitude and distance of the route will be displayed.

Explore all iFIT features: the best workout is yours

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On a tablet or smartphone, you can fine-tune your settings to get the session you need at any time.

Click on “Browse” > “Refine Settings” > “Custom Filters” and make your choice:
● Single workout or series.
● Duration: from less than 20 minutes to more than 50 minutes.
● Trainer: which iFIT coach will accompany you today?
● Intensity: beginner, intermediate or advanced?
● Target area: abs, arms, back, core, glutes, legs, upper body or full body?
● Geographical area and environment: choose the setting in which you wish to exercise and
escape to a specific continent, the mountains, the water, the savannah, the forest, the city,
the gym, etc.
● Equipment: dumbbells, weight bench, resistance bands, jump rope, ball, weights, etc.
● Audio Only: if you don’t need video.
● Language: over time, the iFIT application will be expanded to include workouts in English,
French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Follow-up, challenges and obstacles: stay motivated, let us coach you

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To keep you motivated and explore the entire iFIT universe, use these advanced features:
● Calendar and statistics: last workouts done, planned sessions, challenges taken,
performances, calories burned, etc.
● Live sessions for treadmills, weight machines, exercise bikes, etc.: every day, new workouts
in the gym await you.
● Challenges, with access to your ranking among iFIT community members.
Choose the experience you want to have today, and iFIT will provide you with a tailor-made workout!

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