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Top 5 fitness trends: what you can expect in 2022

As we do every year, NordicTrack will help you create your ideal fitness experience. To do this, we are always on the lookout for new trends. What do athletes want in 2022, and how can we make it happen? We use the 16th annual global survey of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health & Fitness Journal® to give you some answers.

The ability to train at home

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Since 2020, creating a home gym has been the goal of athletes who want to train without limitations.
Offering you high-performance fitness equipment designed to fit into your home is a concept that we
have been pioneering since our inception! With home fitness, you can get to your gym in just a few
seconds, take your shower at home and customise all the parameters of your experience (ventilation,
handlebar adjustment, monitoring, etc.).
Equipment that is discreet once the session is over: fitness does not encroach on your living space
but becomes an integral part of your daily life. In recent months, we’ve taken another step in this
direction with the Vault, an all-in-one connected mirror that is as stylish as it is effective.

Taking charge of your health in a holistic way

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In 2022, fitness is more than just exercising. You take care of the health of your body just as much as
the health of your mind. You are looking for balance, and this involves all aspects of your life:
nutrition, sleep, stress management, self-esteem, etc.
To support you, we are producing more and more content on mental preparation, personal
development and disciplines that promote well-being, such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
The composition of the iFIT coaching team reflects this desire, with psychologists, nutritionists and
specialists in holistic approaches.

Getting advice from qualified coaches who inspire you

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In the age of home fitness, you don’t want to ignore personal coaching – quite the opposite. Whether
they inspire you, motivate you or show you how to correct your movements, your iFIT coaches are
always there for you. They don’t just present you with exercises; they also tell you what led them on
their journey and how they overcame their doubts. You get to know them and can choose who you
want to work with. With iFIT connected coaching, you have access to the training room of Olympic
athletes and a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of these extraordinary men and women. In 2022,
more than ever, you demand the best and rightly so!

Having fun, getting away and exploring the great outdoors

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After two years of travel restrictions, you’re looking for fresh air and escape, something our team
encourages you to do! In addition to outdoor exercise, there are many ways to have fun, travel and
explore the world from home on your exercise bike or treadmill. Exercise is fun, and it’s your best bet
for staying motivated.

The top 7 topics you want to see covered in 2022

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The survey also reveals the 7 most popular disciplines for athletes in 90 countries in 2022:
● Weight training with free weights
● Exercise to lose weight
● High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
● Bodyweight training
● Fitness programs for seniors
● Yoga
● Functional fitness training, i.e., muscle strengthening movements coupled with cardio
Put together your own customised workouts on iFIT: all these disciplines (and more) are featured.

Using technology to create a complete fitness experience that’s right for you

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Technology is your secret weapon for achieving your fitness goals in 2022. Heart rate monitors,
connected watches, smartphone apps, etc., at any given time, you want effective tools to measure
your progress and share your victories with your loved ones and community. Compatibility between
your favourite fitness apps on all your devices is crucial to make your experience smooth.
Have fun, move and take care of yourself; NordicTrack supports you and envisions the future of
fitness with you!

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