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Mental toughness goals: iFIT’s mind-building series

Whatever your favourite workout, every session can be an opportunity to strengthen your mind as well as your body. Improve your determination and self-esteem with these iFIT series while developing your physique.

Treadmill and elliptical: Strengthening body and mind in the same movement

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Strap on your trainers and follow the iFIT coaches on your treadmill or elliptical for sessions like no other:

  • The Champions Series: Head to Maui, Hawaii, with 18 workouts from various iFIT coaches, including John Peel and Michael Phelps. Fartlek, endurance, jogging, strength training and meditation: walk and run while building mental strength.
  • Follow Dr Jarod Spencer for a series of talks on the mindsets of athletes. As a sports psychologist, he will talk about managing anxiety, anger and other emotions commonly experienced by high-performance athletes.
  • Take a hike with Dr Jarod Spencer, with 8 walks on the theme of depression. You’ll discover new resources for dealing with all kinds of low moods while exercising in the beautiful Oregon landscape.
  • Heart to Heart: iFIT coaches open up in this series that combines running, walking and testimonials from their own lives. They will tell you how they overcame various difficulties, such as the fear of failure, health concerns and weight loss, to reclaim their bodies.

Strengthening your muscles and mind

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Join Kelsey Wells for the Redefining Strength Training series. In this comprehensive training series, take a holistic approach to fitness that puts the mental aspect of fitness at the heart of your practice. Become aware of your body’s capabilities and approach your sessions with true intention. At the end of the sessions, which can be done with simple dumbbells, you will learn to take a moment to be grateful for the work you have done. Abs, shoulders, biceps, legs, arms, thighs and more: all muscles are involved.

Rowing: A reflective and mindful practice

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If you’re new to rowing, get into the right mindset with Alex Gregory’s Becoming a Rower series. Take the time to feel good without being pressured into a pace other than your own.

Mindful Rowing: these 8 rowing workouts were part of the Mind and Body challenge launched on iFIT in 2021. They are still accessible and perfect for getting started with mindful rowing, complete with mental preparation tips from various coaches.

Cycling: Conquering all obstacles

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You will certainly change your outlook on cycling after following Brandon Lyons through the Cycling Without Limits series. This Paralympic cyclist talks about his journey and how he rebuilt himself after an accident using cycling. Following him on his bike through his home region will test more than just your physical stamina, and you’ll come away feeling great!

Another must-watch series combining cycling and mental strength is Climbing to the Top, which takes you to Maui, Hawaii, with Olympic cycling champion George Hincapie. Discover a new aspect of resilience and mental preparation with each session while climbing the Haleakalā Volcano on your Commercial S22i.

Yoga, meditation, well-being and audio series

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Many other iFIT series are waiting to help you feel good in your body and your mind:

  • Access yoga series of all levels to take care of your body and soul, such as Embrace Nature, Costa Rica Transformative Yoga Series and A Journey for the Soul.
  • Find many guided meditation sessions with inspiring objectives to boost your concentration, such as Keen Focus Meditation, which has the mindfulness exercises proposed by George Mumford in the Paradise Within series. The Strength the Mind is a fabulous series for calming your mind with Kevin Courtney.
  • Mental health also involves good sleep (for this, follow the Sleeps series with Jason Stephenson) and diet. Mood Food will teach you the basics of mindful eating with practical exercises to try in your kitchen from Dr Eva Selhub.
  • Audio sessions will accompany you everywhere. These help awaken your mind at any time of the day and help you understand the links between body and mind, thanks to neuroscience, develop leadership, set up a training plan, improve your creativity, be grateful to yourself and more. 

Every aspect of your physical and mental health is addressed on iFIT: all you have to do is chart your own course to a healthy mind in a healthy body!