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Top 10 iFIT 2021 series not to be missed

In 2021 on iFIT, you’ve moved, sweated, laughed, cried and pushed yourself and your limits, all with the help of exceptional coaches. Among the hundreds of hours of training added to the iFIT library in 2021, discover 10 series that have left their mark, whether they were challenging, stimulating or inspiring.

The 3 most exciting iFIT 2021 series

bahamas ifit trainer yoga health

Once again, in 2021, iFIT has filmed some of the world’s most exciting destinations to give you an immersive experience during your workouts. From beautiful tropical islands and big cities to thrilling docu-adventures around the world, who would think you’ve worked out as you recount your latest session? Here are 3 series from 2021 that will take you on a journey without leaving your living room:

  • Brazil Speed and Agility: during these 12 training sessions, Alex Gregory teaches you to row serenely on the most beautiful bodies of water in Brazil: Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas, Saco De Mamanguá and others. Row with confidence, including a guided 2K on the Olympic rowing course in Rio.
  • Bahamas Intro to Pilates: Kelsey Sheahan introduces you to the principles of pilates to tone and strengthen your body in the enchanting settings of the Bahamas: Lighthouse Beach, the pink sand beach of Harbour Island, the Queen’s Staircase on Paradise Island and so on. As you go from island to island, you learn to become the best version of yourself on a rejuvenating journey.
  • Zimbabwe Adventure: share an incredible adventure with Mick Davie through a series of docu-adventures in 6 parts. The beauty of Zimbabwe is revealed through visits to ancient ruins, breathtaking panoramic landscapes and anecdotes from your guide. Getting up close and personal with buffalo, rhinos and elephants during a training session is truly an experience!

The 3 most intense iFIT series of 2021

hannah eden trainer ifit health workout

These 3 iFIT series made your heart beat faster in 2021. HIIT cardio in Vietnam, meeting Kayla Itsines or various fitness programmes designed by top international athletes: the past year has given you dozens of reasons to push yourself, and that’s just the beginning!

  • Vietnam Intermediate Cardio HIIT: after a series of introductory courses in Colombia, Hannah Eden is back to take you on a 6-week journey to Vietnam. Between cardio training, weight training and resistance work, you will sweat, burn calories and come back for more, encouraged by your coach, who will keep you going!
  • Dynamic High Intensity: 2021 marks the addition of Kayla Itsines to the iFIT coaching team. Her 4-week intermediate HIIT series will help you work all areas of the body. If you like to move and work out in a positive atmosphere, you’ve come to the right place!
  • Train like a Pro: Sanya Richards-Ross: Sanya Richards-Ross, 4-time Olympic gold medallist and 13-time world champion, will be your coach for 6 particularly intense sessions: endurance, sprinting, intervals and more await.

The 3 most inspiring iFIT 2021 series

jarrod spencer trainer ifit fitness

The year 2021 was all about mental and emotional health on iFIT. Discover 3 inspiring series:

  • Work It Out: Understanding Depression with Dr Jarrod Spencer: A psychologist with a passion for the mental health of athletes and iFIT coach, Jarrod Spencer shares his knowledge of depression through an 8-session hike in Oregon. Different aspects of depression are discussed, from seasonal depression to grief, demystifying this illness, talking about it openly, and identifying resources to facilitate healing and help those around you.
  • Mood Food: Nutrition For Your Mind: Dr Eva Selhub invites you into her kitchen. You will learn how to improve your relationship with food, what foods to add to your diet to feel better and the close links between your gut microbiota and your emotions. A rewarding series on all levels!
  • Cycle without limits and get inspired by the journey of Brandon Lyons, iFIT coach and world-class paracyclist. Brandon was left paralysed after an injury. Find out while cycling how he overcame this ordeal to compete in the world’s biggest competitions!

Bonus: the most important iFIT series of the year 2021

everest ifit series fitness training

On March 22, 2021, the iFIT community around the world was able to watch its first live-streaming workout and witness the sunrise on Mount Everest live. This episode marks the launch of an adventure like no other: A Trek To Base Camp! For 18 sessions, follow in the footsteps of 3 Sherpas and mountain guides to reach the Everest base camp at an altitude of over 5300 metres. This training series is a unique experience, which you can live (or relive) on iFIT.

More exciting adventures await you in 2022! Don’t miss the documentary series Stay on Track, for example, to follow the training of sailor Sam Goodchild over the seasons as if you were there!

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