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Cross-Training: Combining Cardio and Weight Training

With cross-training, combining cardio and strength training, quickly improve your sports performance. By using premium fitness equipment such as the NordicTrack Fusion CST or Vault, expand your exercise possibilities at home with iFit® virtual coaching sessions.

Cross-Training: Combine Cardio and Strength

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Cross-training is a training technique that consists of combining various exercises that work the whole body, both in cardio and strength training. Some disciplines develop specific muscle groups: practising cross-training in tandem helps to avoid imbalance by strengthening the whole body.

Easy to implement, cross-training involves muscle strengthening exercises performed with body weight without equipment, as well as exercises with weights or tension. Some classic movements such as burpees or mountain climber include movements that get the heart pumping, helping to burn calories and improve breathing. Others are of the isometric variety and play more on how long you can hold postures that put the muscles under tension than on the number of repetitions.

Combining cardio and strength in the same session allows you to improve your athletic performance, whatever the activity. Every athlete benefits from this, whether it be in terms of resistance to effort, endurance, speed or the ability to execute technical movements with precision. A balanced body is also less prone to injury and is more resistant to fatigue.

Fusion CST and Vault: High-Intensity Training at Home

To help you follow a strength and cardio training programme, NordicTrack has developed innovative fitness equipment, including the Fusion CST and Vault, whose development has now been completed. Look for it on sale in the near future, as the production phase comes to an end!

The Fusion CST: Your Strength and Cardio Training Station at Home

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Available with an optional rowing machine, the Fusion CST is designed to provide a full-body exercise experience with strength and endurance workouts. Combine high-intensity strength training exercises guided by an iFit® coach and add resistance to your movements with cleverly integrated cables to mobilise a maximum number of muscle groups. With 20 resistance levels and dozens of iFit® sessions dedicated specifically to your fitness equipment, cross-training, boot camp or even home training circuits! The device includes a removable interactive tablet and its base, so you can easily follow your coach’s advice wherever you are.

Vault: Brining the Connected Gym to Your Home

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With Vault, make quick progress with a connected fitness experience that’s more immersive than ever. Vault is a designer fitness station with many features: it’s like a stylish cabinet for storing all your sports accessories. Its door is both a mirror and a life-size interactive screen: you see yourself making the movements while having the images of your coach in front of your eyes simultaneously. This innovative station will revolutionise your home fitness practice. Stay connected on social networks and on the blog so you don’t miss the pre-order date!

Push Your Limits With a Strength and Cardio Workout

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To take control of your Fusion CST, compose a 45-minute training circuit combining 10 series of exercises, with movements mobilising the whole body and others targeted to several muscle groups. To burn maximum calories and activate your cardiovascular system, alternate intervals of 40 seconds of effort and 20 seconds of rest. You can link your circuit 3 times, which brings the duration of the session to 30 minutes. With 7 minutes of warm-up and 7 minutes of cool-down and stretching at the end of the workout, you’ll have completed a complete 45-minute cross-training session.

Would you like access to sessions prepared by coaches of international stature specifically for your Fusion CST? Browse the iFit® library! For example, Tanya Poppett’s Cardio and Whole Body Power session is a great place to start building good habits on your equipment!

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