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Taking up sport again: your personalised programme

After a period of rest, you are motivated and fit, ready to get back into sport and make good resolutions. The start of a new school year is the ideal time to prepare a personalised fitness programme: fitness, exercise bike,  what will your new sports routine look like?

Resuming a sports activity: a user guide

Your last rest period allowed you to relax, away from the stress of everyday life and work. Now you’re ready and motivated, ready to get back into physical activity to minimise the impact of the little excesses of the holidays on your body. Indeed, what better antidote than sport to relieve the tension of resuming your work? Take advantage of this restart to take control of your health and establish new habits. On the agenda: fun, relaxation and getting back into shape!

Personalize your workouts

Following a drop in physical activity, think about resuming sport gently. Your body is no longer as used to effort: resuming good habits without skipping steps will help you get back into  ideal physical condition before aiming for performance. Regularity of sessions is the key to success: don’t hesitate to reserve a slot for your sports sessions in your schedule. When you start again, listen to your body and don’t put too much effort into gradually strengthening your muscles. Warming up and stretching after training are more important than ever to integrate into your back-to-school sports routine.

Prioritise pleasure to keep your motivation up.

By choosing an activity that you really enjoy, you optimise your chances of maintaining your motivation over the long term. You will be able to visualise your progress session after session while enjoying these moments of decompression. A successful start to the new school year is guaranteed if you give yourself the motivation of goals in your  personalised fitness program.

Take stock of your abilities and your goals.

A good start to the new school year means re-evaluating your goals. What is your physical condition, what do you want to achieve, and what will your new challenges be this season? To  set realistic goals adapted to your abilities, don’t hesitate to get help from a sports coach. This period is also ideal to talk with your doctor and tell him/her of your desire to return to sport.

What if home fitness is your best asset?

The new season is a challenge: take stock of your sporting experience so far. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to take up sport before, analyse the reasons why your motivation has suffered. Did your activity correspond to your desires? If you took out a gym membership without going to all the sessions or your outdoor running shoes have ended up back in the closet, perhaps you will have a better chance of succeeding by training at home, free from the constraints of timetables and weather conditions?

Home fitness: an ideal sports activity for a smooth restart.

The keyword in home fitness is flexibility. With a variety of easy to do  cardio or strength training activities, you have access to a large number of exercises, which can be combined and calibrated according to your current level and state of fitness. With programs specifically designed to fit your abilities and desires, you’ll look forward to your next training session.

Inspiration for the new school year: the Exercise Bike.

A range of home fitness equipment can meet your needs for exercising at home: treadmill, elliptical bike, and rowing machine… Among them, the home bike is an excellent option to resume exercise steadily. It works the body in cardio and helps to develop respiratory capacity. By pedalling regularly, you tone your calves, thighs and buttocks. With a wide variety of immersive on-screen courses and the advice of the best iFit® coaches, there’s no risk of boredom in your sessions. You can even create your own routes on your console from Google Street View. With this return to sport you’re going to conquer the world!

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