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Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild: Episode 2, the daily life of a sailor in winter

We left Sam Goodchild in the midst of preparing for the Transat Jacques Vabre in November. He told
us about his greatest fears as a sailor on the high seas and the incredible feeling of freedom he
experienced on the ocean. Back on land, he tells us about the daily life of a skipper in winter and
shares his tips for staying in shape out of season. Don’t miss the second episode of the Stay on
Track web series: Sam Goodchild invites you into his gym. Fire up your Vault and join him in training!

Winter: optimising your boat and relaxing with your family

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Since the end of episode 1, Sam Goodchild has crossed the finish line of the Transat Jacques Vabre
with Aymeric Chappellier. His team finished in 3rd place. What are Sam’s impressions of the race? Is
he happy with their result? What did he learn from it to help him for the rest of his journey?
The film crew followed the sailor as he returned home to his family for a few weeks. Watch episode 2
of the Stay on Track web series with Sam Goodchild to find out what happens during the two
months of winter when he is not racing. This period is an opportunity to optimise his boat for the
upcoming season. Sam can recharge his batteries and spend time with his loved ones, but more
importantly, it’s the best time to get back into shape.

An ideal season to restore your physical conditioning

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Ever dreamed of walking through the doors of a professional athlete’s gym? Sam Goodchild explains
his strategy for diversifying his training in winter with some outdoor work but mostly indoor
sessions away from the cold. For this top athlete, there is no need to put himself at risk or
compromise the next season. His objective is to approach his next competition in the best condition.
How does he manage to remain consistent, focused and motivated? Does he have a personal coach?
What types of training does he recommend to recover his physical condition after weeks of being
cramped in a boat? Does he prefer to strengthen his muscles with stretching or endurance activities?
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to discover the training secrets of a top athlete and learn
about how he works out in the off-season. Episode 2 of Stay on Track with Sam Goodchild is online
on YouTube. Follow us on social media to keep up with Sam’s adventures and news from

Your fitness programme on iFIT

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For winter or any time of year, whenever you have a moment to get fit, check out Sam Goodchild’s hand-picked series to try with the Vault or other equipment connected to the iFIT app:

● For strength training: try the Strengthening in Iceland series with Hannah Eden, especially
the Animal Flow session, which involves working out with dumbbells in a beautiful landscape.
● Take on the Michael Phelps Champion Series in Maui, a race series run by John Peel &
Michael Phelps: perhaps Michael’s stories of being a top champion inspire Sam and help him
fuel his mental fortitude when racing at sea. What can you take away from this to improve
your practice?
● From the inspirational Train With a Pro series, Sam chose to follow the advice of New York
Giants running back Tiki Barber this winter. Some of the sessions were shot on a football
field, and the atmosphere is captured beautifully in high definition on Sam Goodchild’s Vault.
Without leaving home, Sam can continue to travel the world, accompanied by the advice of other top
athletes to get back into shape. What’s the added bonus of his winter training sessions? We can’t
give away too much, but you’d be well advised to head to Thailand with Brionhy Smith so that your
training at home is as rich and complete as Sam’s!
Follow us, so you don’t miss the next episode when Sam reveals one of the most memorable
experiences of his sailing career.

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