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Comparison: NordicTrack’s iFit® connected watches

Whether in the gym or in the city streets, you’ll find connected watches on the wrists of athletes all around. Which features are the most useful to help your progress according to your discipline (running, biking, triathlon, etc.) and which sports watch should you choose from the list of different iFit® models?

Why opt for a connected watch?

connected fitness smart watch health fitness tracker heart data workout
Runner using heart rate monitor training running, smartwatch checking performance or GPS. Man athlete looking at stopwatch. Healthy runner closeup on trail running workout. Wearable technology for tracking activity.

Connected watches are a discreet and practical extension of the smartphone. This format is particularly suitable for outdoor activities where the fragility of a mobile phone is a constant concern. Coupled with applications for monitoring physical performance, sports watches make it easy to monitor your progress and to train regularly while remaining motivated, thanks to a real workout routine. Directly in contact with the skin, they can monitor your heart rate during exercise as well as at rest.

A connected watch for achieving your goals


Various models of connected watches on the market can be suitable for any type of physical activity:

  • For running, you can easily measure the distance covered and the length of your strides. Also, you can set up precise circuits, thanks to the GPS often embedded in a sports watch. By viewing your personal data, you can fine-tune the different phases of the run and reach optimum heart rate levels to keep you going for longer and train more efficiently.
  • For cycling, GPS is also very useful. The altimeter in your device helps you to anticipate climbs and measure the effort, whatever the route.
  • During your circuit training sessions, follow the instructions of your vocal coach to carry out each exercise at the right rhythm and precisely calculate the activity and recovery intervals to work in stages.
  • When competing in a triathlon, choose a model specifically designed for this activity: By alternating swimming, running and cycling modes, you will quickly improve your performance, while still having complete freedom of movement with this waterproof and resistant device, designed for use both outdoors and in the water.

A comparison of iFit® connected watches

Woman setting up the fitness smart watch for running. Sportswoman checking watch device.

The strength of iFit® connected watches is their adaptability to different uses: With an iFit® account, you can keep track of your outdoor and home fitness sessions on treadmills, rowing machines or elliptical bikes. Accompanying you everywhere, your watch gives you access to a high-performance and precise interface, with a multitude of customisable goals to personalise your activity tracking. Equipped with excellent battery life, the 2 iFit® sports watch models meet the needs of even the most demanding athletes.

iFit® Classic connected watches

With their luxury finish, NordicTrack’s iFit® Classic connected watches combine trend, design and functionality. Thanks to their 3 mini dials, you can always keep an eye on your goals and keep track of your activities and calories: The MoveReadyTM technology differentiates between sleep, walking and more intense effort for accurate and reliable reporting. Discreet notifications remind you that it’s time to train or wake up. You can record the calories expended while travelling or at work. Results are synchronized in real-time on your iFit® account and visible on your iFit® app on your smartphone. Perfectly waterproof, these watches, available in both men’s and a women’s versions, can be worn everywhere, even in the shower or when you swim.

iFit® Duo connected watches

With one side for the city and the other for the gym, the iFit® Duo connected watches for men and women help you to achieve your fitness goals with discretion. Available in either a round or square shape, these tracking watches feature a reversible dial with hands on one side and an LCD display on the back for tracking your performance. Combined with the iFit® Coach application on your iPhone or Android phone, your connected watch displays calories expended, the distance travelled during the day, the number of steps taken and the percentage of progress towards your daily goals on its sports side. You can enter your number of calories consumed and see in real-time the progress of your outdoor or treadmill training session, for example. The sleep monitoring mode completes its functionality and you can set up notifications to be sent after a certain amount of inactivity to motivate you to continue your efforts.

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