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Cardio and strength: train like a pro with international star Alex Morgan

Do you dream of having Alex Morgan as your sports coach? With 2 programmes of 6 sessions, one dedicated to cardio work, the other to strength development, you can improve your physical
condition by following the advice of one of the most famous female footballers on the planet.
Discover these 2 iFIT series in detail to get started!

2 training programs designed by an American football superstar

Alex morgan sport athlete fitness trainer motivate endurance health conditioning grass football

Alex Morgan is an American-born international footballer, an Olympic champion of 2012 and her team were world champions in 2015 and 2019. Well known in France for being part of the Lyon women’s football team between 2016 and 2017, she excelled there, coming 3rd in the women’s Golden Ball.
Strongly committed to the promotion of female athletes, she inspires many sportswomen around the world. We are particularly proud to have Alex Morgan as an iFIT coach!
Would you like to benefit from her advice and improve your physical condition with 2 targeted strength and cardio workouts? Alex Morgan’s Train Like a Pro programme, consisting of 2 x 6 sessions, is waiting for you on the app!
These sessions are aimed at athletes of all levels who are looking for a professional but flexible plan for effective fitness that combines strength training and endurance.

6 cardio sessions with Alex Morgan

Alex morgan sport athlete fitness trainer motivate endurance health conditioning training class happy

Get ready to improve your breathing and strengthen your heart in 6 sessions with Alex Morgan:

  1. Switch from walking to running with 5 sets of 3 minutes, increasing in intensity every 4 minutes.
  2. Walking, jogging and split running at different intensity levels follow each other, taking you from running in short strides to sprinting.
  3. For this first attempt at endurance, run on the beach for 25 minutes with the guidance of Alex Morgan.
  4. Experiment with HIIT at high speed: these 15 frantic minutes are particularly effective!
  5. Work on your footwork with acceleration and deceleration: you’ll gain technique and improve your cardiovascular capacity.
  6. With 21 minutes of walking intervals, work on your cardio in a low impact session that can be attempted at any fitness level.

These 6 sessions include a warm-up at the beginning and a cool-down at the end.

6 strength sessions to boost your performance

alex morgan athlete exercise focus conditioning endurance motivate

The Strength section of the Train Like a Pro series consists of circuit training with bodyweight muscle strengthening exercises. Improve your strength and posture, develop your muscles harmoniously and progress regardless of your level with these 6 sessions:

  1. Focus on the lower body during this 25-minute session, consisting of 3 circuits of exercises followed by a burner, the dreaded Rocking Squats.
  2. Work on your overall endurance and resistance to fatigue for 25 minutes through 3 circuits of 50 seconds of effort followed by 10 seconds of rest.
  3. Focus on the abs and lumbar region with 15 minutes broken down into 3 sets of 30-second exercises: dynamic cardio exercises, such as jumping jacks, as well as body-supporting movements, such as the plank.
  4. Strength and cardio are closely intertwined, as you will see in this 20 to 25-minute session. These 3 circuits (upper body, lower body and chest), which are divided into one-minute segments, combine bodyweight resistance exercises and cardio.
  5. This session focuses on flexibility, balance and coordination to give you the full range of possibilities for strength training. Increase your range of motion and prevent injury by doing regular stretches at the end of the session.
  6. Work on power, speed and agility with 2 full circuits for a total of 20 minutes.

Each session starts with a warm-up and ends with a “burner”, a fun one-minute exercise designed to work on reaction time. One thing is for sure; you’ll want to use these 12 sessions as a starting point whenever you want to improve a particular area of your training!
Alex Morgan offers you a comprehensive programme with all the basics to get you hooked on fitness and improve your performance. What are you waiting for to train like a pro? The Cardio Series and Force Series Train Like a Pro are available on all iFIT compatible devices, as well as on the iFIT app and on iFIT TV.

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