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What Do You Think the Future of Connected Fitness Will Look Like?

The words “fitness” and “connected” have become almost inseparable, and NordicTrack is one of the pioneers in this field. What innovative experiences have athletes been able to discover recently? What are their expectations for home fitness in the coming years? NordicTrack shares its views on the future of connected fitness and presents Vault: its latest vision of what your home fitness room should look like.

Fitness 2.0: The Latest Innovations

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Digital technology is becoming an integral part of our daily lives, and the field of athletics is no exception. When the latest technologies are used to enhance the training experience, new objects are created that allow those who wish to do so to follow their training more closely:

  • The possibilities offered by smartphones, equipped with numerous sensors (GPS, accelerometer, sleep monitor, etc.), have changed the habits of athletes, who have become more autonomous in their practice and evaluate their performance in real-time.
  • The connected watch is certainly the most emblematic piece of equipment of fitness 2.0: as discreet as it is practical, it goes everywhere with you and monitors your biological data to help you monitor your health and achieve your goals.
  • A more recent innovation, connected glasses play the same role, but by displaying the data directly in front of your eyes during exercise.
  • Connected soles and shoes, which are still quite confidential, are coupled with a dedicated application, helping you to analyse your footing when walking and running with the aim of improving your posture and obtaining better control of your movements.
  • Virtual coaching meets the needs of athletes seeking autonomy, with features integrated into fitness equipment that provide increasingly realistic and immersive sensations. NordicTrack has been a pioneer in this field since its inception with the iFit® solutions.

What Can We Expect in the Near Future and What Do Athletes Want?

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Athletes are increasingly expressing their desires, especially on social networks. By studying their reactions, behaviour and the latest trends, we have come up with the 10 points that we believe are essential for athletes and should become increasingly important in the years to come:

  • Learning: developing new skills, improving, becoming a better version of yourself and suchlike.
  • Motivation: gain confidence, believe in yourself, persevere, etc.
  • Autonomy: exercise at your own pace, at the time of your choice, without judgment, in your own way, etc.
  • Performance: surpass yourself, reach your goals, surprise yourself, constantly accomplish new victories, etc.
  • Health: getting back into shape, practising the activities you love, staying active as long as possible, etc.
  • Overall well-being: combining sleep, food, fitness and pleasure in the same philosophy, which is to do yourself good.
  • Environmental sustainability: choose high-quality equipment from brands that are aware of the environmental impact of the manufacture of their products and are committed to offsetting it.
  • Interactivity: technology should be designed to be more ergonomic, discreet and integrated into intuitive gestures that correspond to real-life conditions of use.
  • Personalisation of the experience: having a choice, taking advantage of on-demand services, with interconnected interfaces, etc.
  • Entertainment: exercise for pleasure, get away from it all, forget the daily grind, let off steam and have fun without constraints, etc.

Vault: NordicTrack Innovates with its Interactive Fitness Mirror

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The latest development from the NordicTrack team is Vault: an innovative solution that can turn any room in your home into a connected gym. What exactly is Vault?

  • Vault is a human-sized smart mirror with an integrated 32-inch touchscreen. This reflective interface rotates 360° to fit your training space and allows you to see your movements from new angles. You can simultaneously see your virtual coach in front of you, displayed on the screen, and correct your form in real-time. Whether you’re doing yoga, stretching, boot camp, strength training, or Pilates, Vault is simply the best way to enjoy the content of the iFit® virtual coaching platform!
  • Vault is also a sleek, designer cabinet with a self-supporting steel and carbon frame and removable shelves. It can hold a complete set of cross-training accessories: 1 floor mat, 2 yoga blocks, 3 resistance elastics for glutes and thighs and 3 for the upper body, 6 pairs of dumbbells from 2 to 13 kg, 2 kettlebells of 9 and 13 kg and a microfibre towel. Save space and store all your equipment in one place. When you’re done with your workout, Vault fits right in with your interior space.

Access sessions led by world-renowned coaches in the discipline of your choice in the best possible conditions and never run out of ideas to have fun, progress and develop your skills. With Vault from NordicTrack, prepare for a new experience, the future of connected fitness is coming to your home!

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