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Reach for the stars: iFIT puts Everest within your reach!

Our mission is to bring your wildest dreams to life, and what greater challenge can there be than to climb Everest, the highest mountain range on the planet? Follow us on an exciting trek and reach
Everest Base Camp with 3 renowned guides from your treadmill or elliptical. Let’s go for a new and unique iFIT experience!

Take on the world’s highest peaks with iFIT

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The iFIT programmes are constantly renewed to offer you more unique experiences that will leave a lasting impression! On 22 March 2021, the iFIT platform offered a live broadcast of one of the sessions of its new series: A Trek to Base Camp. Now all 18 sequences are available as on-demand
training sessions: browse the iFIT library on the app to get started!
Climbing Everest is the ultimate challenge for all trekking enthusiasts. The world’s highest mountain range in the Himalayas rises to over 8,800 metres! Climbing it is only possible after intensive preparation, a lifelong challenge for many climbers.
The iFIT series A Trek to Base Camp invites you to experience the first stages of this challenge, a trek from Kathmandu to Base Camp at 5,300 metres. For the 22 March live session, the 3 mountain guides who provided this exceptional content were filmed for 30 minutes on the Kala Patthar trail, with a special set-up to show you the sunrise in Nepal.
This event reflects the quality of the iFIT programmes, whose library gives you access to thousands of hours of adventures recorded in paradisiacal landscapes from the four corners of the world.

3 exceptional guides to accompany you in the high mountains

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On your iFIT-compatible NordicTrack equipment, your sports sessions will take you far beyond what you could imagine. The A Trek to Base Camp series is presented by 3 iFIT guides who will tell you fascinating stories about their experience of trekking in the high mountains along the way:
● Kenton Cool will share with you his passion for conquering the world’s highest peaks with all the enthusiasm that characterises him. He has climbed Mount Everest 14 times and will be happy to share his exploits with you!
● Lydia Bradey is the only woman to have completed the ascent of Everest without oxygen: she has reached the roof of the world 5 times and will motivate you to push your limits!
● Experienced outdoor guide Ang Tshering Lama will provide you with a unique experience, including the story of how he saved two climbers at an altitude of over 8,500 metres on
Mount Everest. By following these 3 iFIT coaches through high mountain trails with breath-taking views, you will work out without even noticing it and learn more about the history and culture of the region, as well as
hearing the anecdotes of the 14,000 or so climbers who have already attempted the adventure!

18 steps to reach the mythical Everest base camp!

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The A Trek to Base Camp series can be followed on any iFIT compatible equipment, such as a treadmill, elliptical or Freestride Trainer FS7i. For total immersion, opt for a treadmill like the Incline
Trainer or a Commercial Treadmill, which automatically adjusts the incline as you walk.
Alternating between walking at a constant speed and a recovery period, each session lasts approximately 30 minutes and offers a progressive course accessible to athletes of all levels.
Improve your strength and stamina in the best way possible by experiencing a unique journey and conquer the world’s highest peak with one goal: to find out what you can do!
Do you want to learn how to walk in the mountains before you start this series? Why not also try the Alps Beginner series with iFIT coach John Peel?

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