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Is a Cordless Skipping Rope as Efficient as Skipping with a Real Rope?

Want to liven up your cardio sessions with a new fitness accessory? Why not try a cordless skipping rope? If you’ve always been reluctant to skip due to a lack of space at home, this piece of equipment is for you! How does it work? Is it as effective at burning calories as a traditional skipping rope? All the answers to your questions are in this article.

An Innovative Fitness Accessory: The Wireless Skipping Rope

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For some time now, this innovative fitness accessory has been renewing interest in skipping ropes. The cordless skipping rope consists of two independent handles weighted with a rubber ball to simulate the air resistance caused by the friction of the rope.

Skipping Ropes 2.0

Most of the time, these models are equipped with counters in one of the handles to track the number of calories burned, duration of workout, and jumps performed. Wireless skipping ropes can also be connected to a smartphone app, and they usually come with a rope, so you can train with or without a rope, depending on your mood.

Benefits of the Wireless Skipping Rope

Skipping is one of the most effective cardio sports for losing weight and toning the entire body. However, skipping indoors is not an easy task. It does not take up too much space, but it requires an area with no fragile objects nearby. The cordless skipping rope finally makes this discipline accessible to everyone, even in a flat or when travelling!

Is the Workout as Effective as with a Classic Skipping Rope?

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Can you get the same benefits from a cordless skipping rope as you would from a conventional skipping rope? The effectiveness of skipping lies in its ability to get your heart rate up quickly with a split workout made up of jumping sets interspersed with recovery time. With a wireless rope, the cardio work is the same. The counterweight that follows the movements of your wrists helps you to find the right pace. When it comes to burning calories and improving your fitness, the results are still there!

Classic skipping also develops other skills, such as coordination: you need to synchronise your arm and foot movements to get over the rope at the right time. If you’ve never skipped with a rope before, or if coordination is not your strong point, you’ll probably be happy with a cordless skipping rope. If you’re a beginner or an experienced skipper, the feeling will probably be different, but a cordless skipping rope will allow you the opportunity to train anywhere and everywhere. Nothing will stop you from pushing your limits outdoors by substituting a rope for counterweights to test your balance.

How to Get Started: Choosing Your Cordless Skipping Rope and Training

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To select your cordless skipping rope, determine how you want to use it. Consider how often you will use it, whether or not you wish to track your performance and if you wish to alternate between corded and cordless work. Then, you can choose from the many models on the market. Pay attention to the comfort of the handles and, if you opt for a connected product, read user reviews to find out whether the lap counter is effective and that there is not too much difference in weight between the handles. The type of power, charger or battery offered is also important: have a set of batteries ready in advance when you buy your cordless jump rope.

To get started, begin with 10-minute sets, increasing the number of revolutions as you go along. For inspiration and new steps to try, why not workout on iFit®? With the Jump Rope series on iFit® Daily, you can access three 12-minute cardio programs designed for skipping from any device with the iFit® app!

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