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Pedal with a cycling pro in Hawaii: an iFIT series with George Hincapie

To take your cycling training to the next level, take advantage of the unique opportunity of being coached by a professional cyclist. Add the Train Like a Pro: George Hincapie Hawaii Cycling Workout series on iFIT to your training calendar. You’ll pedal through the beautiful volcanic scenery of Hawaii in 12 intense sessions. George Hincapie will show you his training techniques as he guides you through his favourite circuits and tells you about his journey.

A series presented by professional cyclist George Hincapie

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George Hincapie did not choose to take you cycling in Hawaii by chance. He discovered the archipelago 25 years ago before becoming a professional cyclist. After participating in the Tour de France 17 times and 5 times in the Olympic Games, as well as 19 years of sports coaching, he shares his rediscovery of the steep trails of these fascinating islands with you. He reveals his training techniques and favourite routes in this intense and exciting series. Between lava fields, mythical roads and the ascent of iconic volcanoes of the archipelago, you will progress at an impressive speed guided by a cycling pro. This series will make you want to keep pushing your limits. Pack your bags and saddle up!

Take your workouts to the next level in the beautiful volcanic scenery of Hawaii

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Put on your cycling gear, get on your exercise bike and take to the road in Hawaii with George Hincapie while taking in the island’s beautiful scenery. The series alternates between:

  • Interval workouts of progressive difficulty to build your endurance on iconic routes, such as the Road to Hana and the rolling green hills of Kapoho Road. Your training sessions are accompanied by your coach’s anecdotes about his journey to becoming a world-class athlete, the difficulties he encountered and how he overcame them, his key exercises to progress, etc.
  • Inclined plane cycling sessions to build strength, improve technique, burn calories and develop muscle power. Climb Haleakalā Volcano, experience the thrill of approaching Kilauea Volcano, the world’s most active volcano, and see the rocky lava flows as you climb Mauna Kea Volcano!
  • Recover in the hilly landscape of Maui or, for the finale of this breathtaking series, on a winding route along the rugged coastline of the Kahekili Highway.

During these 12 incredible sessions, you will work at an RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion) of 3 to 6-7 and your coach will offer you exercises both in and out of the saddle.

The Train Like a Pro series with George Hincapie is for you if…

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  • You’re looking for an effective cycling training plan based on hill and interval work.
  • You want to explore the full potential of your Commercial S15i Studio Cycle and pedal through the Hawaiian landscape as if you were there with your HD screen and real-time adjustment of incline and resistance.
  • You want to burn calories on the bike and improve your core or leg work at a high enough intensity to complement your road cycling.
  • You are looking for advice on how to take your cycling training to the next level: what better way to progress than with the tips of an experienced athlete?

Approximately 30 intense minutes per session, maximum calorie loss, a unique setting and advanced training techniques are the promises of this 12-part cycling series! Other immersive programmes are also available on iFIT: improve your fitness level and never run out of ideas to enrich your cycling training plans by joining a community of passionate athletes and the best trainers.

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