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Give a new dimension to your training by (re)discovering all the iFIT features

How can I use all the features of the iFIT application to improve my training?
Whether or not it's paired with NordicTrack equipment, the iFIT application offers you a completely personalised training
experience for body and mind. On a tablet, on a smartphone or from the console of your fitness equipment, in audio or the
video version, with synchronisation on Google Maps TM , with your favourite coach, anywhere in the world… Train the way
you want, thanks to our connected virtual coaching solution.


A 15-minute yoga session to get your energy up in the morning

Which sports session can give you energy in the morning?
To be fit and in a good mood in the morning, take inspiration from the sun salutations by doing a 15-minute yoga session: by linking a series
of postures that mobilise the whole body, you stretch, oxygenate your brain, reactivate your circulation… Enough to feel dynamic, toned
and ready to face the day.


7 fun ideas to add to your training to boost your performance

How can you make your workouts fun and improve your performance at the same time?
By incorporating new exercises into your workouts and constantly challenging what you've learned, you can boost your motivation and
have fun at the same time. Try fartlek, interval running, testing a new sports activity, add a dose of fun to your workouts and improve your


How to improve your time on a 5K: Training techniques and iFIT sets to try

How to improve your 5K time
To beat your best 5K time, diversify your training plan, incorporating sprinting, high intensity splits, fartlek, uneven terrain, leg strength
training and more. Study the terrain and prepare yourself by taking care of your nutrition and sleep, and by managing your recovery periods
well. Dozens of sessions are waiting for you on iFIT to train at 5K!


Consistency: the key to achieving all your goals

How do you exercise more consistently?
To be more consistent in your training, you need to put consistency at the top of your priorities. Becoming a habitual
exerciser may seem restrictive at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be rewarded by the results you get and stay
motivated. This is the key to self-esteem and performance.

man indoor home workout rowing

Become a rower with a special iFIT rowing series for beginners

What are the benefits of a rowing machine and how do I get started?
The rowing machine has the advantage of working almost all muscle groups while being a particularly effective cardio
exercise. Accessible to all and with low impact on the joints, it requires only a good understanding of the basic movement
to begin. Get started with the iFIT Becoming a Rower series and fall in love with this low-pressure, getaway workout.


5 exercises to take care of your mental health

What tips should I follow to improve my mental health and better manage my emotions?
As important as physical fitness, mental health can be maintained through exercises from different practices. Managing
negative emotions, self-esteem, letting go, gratitude, positivity: there are many avenues to explore. Yoga or meditation are
often invaluable for taking a break from the daily grind.


Boost your cardio and escape to Vietnam for 6 weeks with a complete iFIT programme

Who is the iFIT Vietnam Intermediate Cardio HIIT series for?
After her HIIT cardio program for beginners filmed in Bolivia, Hannah Eden offers a series for experienced athletes who
want to reach new fitness goals. Boost your cardio and get ready to work out hard with these 30 complete sessions spread
over 6 weeks of training filmed at the most beautiful places in Vietnam.


Get ready for the Cross du Figaro NordicTrack 2021 edition

How to register for the Cross du Figaro NordicTrack and prepare for the race
To register for one of the 5 circuits of the Cross du Figaro NordicTrack and to support research against rare diseases, go to
the official website of the event. More than ever in 2021, NordicTrack is committed to this fight and associates its name
with the sporting event that opens the Telethon. The #NordicTrackTeam invites you to test its support programme, which
is specially designed to help you prepare for the 10 km race: sign up for the newsletter to receive training tips and mobilise
all your strength during the race.


Planking: these 5 common mistakes you won’t make again

What mistakes should be avoided when planking?
The most common mistakes when doing the plank are: arching your back, looking up, misplacing your hips, squeezing your
shoulders and trying to hold the position for too long, at the risk of moving away from the optimal posture. By knowing
how to detect them, you are better equipped to avoid them and you can enjoy all the benefits of this must-do bodyweight


How to take your morning routine to the next level

What are the benefits of a morning routine?
Having a morning routine helps you start the day well and be more focused, efficient and productive. By adding new healthy habits to the reflexes you already have, you ensure that you optimise the rest of the day, starting with taking care of yourself before you go out into the world.


The ultimate guide to perfect abs

How to strengthen your abdominal muscles

To strengthen your abdominal muscles, alternate basic exercises that use their 3 main muscle groups, such as crunches, V-ups or planks,
for example, 2 to 3 times a week, at the beginning of a session. Be patient, the effort is worth it: in your daily life as well as in your
sports practice. You will soon see the benefits!