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Your post-holiday calorie-burning schedule

After long periods sitting at the table and overeating, when the holidays are over it’s time to resume good habits. With a detox cure to cleanse the body, as well as a new exercise and diet plan to lose calories, you will be ready to regain your fitness, reduce your weight and start the new year at your best.

Do a detox after the holidays

After the end of year celebrations, starting a detox programme allows you to take a break and cleanse your body at the same time. By limiting fat intake and favouring fibre, vitamins and healthy foods, you give your liver a rest and support the body’s elimination functions, making it easier to lose the excess calories absorbed over the previous days. Here is an example of a one-week detox programme which, if possible, should be started as early as the day after the holidays:

  • For breakfast, opt for a sugar-free green tea with cleansing and antioxidant properties, accompanied by wholemeal bread and freshly squeezed fruit juice. 
  • For lunch, some lean fish will provide you with protein, phosphorus and good fatty acids in small quantities. Combine with a portion of vegetables and brown rice and finish your meal with yoghurt and/or fruit.
  • For dinner,  eat light with just some soup, yoghurt and/or fruit. 
  • Remember to drink water throughout the day, avoiding alcohol, processed fruit juices and soda throughout the detox. Hot or cold, sugar-free detox teas can also accompany your detox treatment: often diuretic, they facilitate the elimination of metabolic waste, support the functioning of the liver and are considered a valuable aid for  losing weight after the holidays.

Getting back into exercise to burn calories

To  burn calories, it is necessary to exert oneself. So, getting back into sports and exercise after the holidays is a great idea. Try walking for at least 30 minutes a day. With a smartwatch with an integrated pedometer, you can easily count the number of steps you take during the day: any occasion is a good opportunity to burn more calories.

Cardio exercise, ideal for burning calories

At the same time, set up a cardio fitness training programme. With moderate effort, cardio exercise carried out for more than 40 minutes forces the body to draw on fat to produce energy. If you are a seasoned athlete and you don’t have much time during the week, opt for HIIT training: with 20 minutes of high-intensity exercise, you burn as many calories as with a classic cardio session and thanks to the afterburn effect, the body continues to burn fat even after the session.

Some ideas for cardio fitness exercises for weight loss

With or without equipment, indoors or outdoors, there’s no shortage of ideas for cardio exercises to help you to achieve your goals:

  • Rowing machine
  • Elliptical bike
  • Running machine or running outdoors
  • Indoor or outdoor bicycles
  • Swimming
  •  Walking, hiking or Nordic walking
  • HIIT training with body weight exercises performed as circuit training or with iFit® virtual coaching programmes specific to NordicTrack CST fusion.
  • Etc. 

Finding a healthy lifestyle after the holidays

Bed Asian girl happy smiling sleeping on stomach sleeper resting head on foam pillow. Healthy sleep.

After the first few weeks of working out, you just need to integrate these good habits into your weekly routine, to create a total fitness programme integrating nutrition, physical activity and sleep:

  • Make sure you get a balanced diet. 
  • Reduce your intake of sugar, salt and fat (except for good fatty acids such as omega-3 or omega-6). 
  • Make the most of home-cooked meals and limit the use of processed dishes and fast food menus. 
  • Plan healthy snacks and sufficient meals to control cravings and keep your weight in shape. 
  • Drink sufficient water: it is recommended that you drink at least 1.5 litres of water (or sugar-free herbal teas) every day. 
  • Get some exercise: The WHO recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or 75 minutes of intense physical activity every week, with sessions of at least 10 minutes to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease and stay in shape. 
  • Take care of your sleep: try to go to bed and get up at regular times. To sleep or rest, settle down in a quiet environment, away from screens and in the dark.

By adopting good habits aimed at  improving your lifestyle, you will start the year in optimal conditions and the calories absorbed during the holidays will quickly be forgotten. With your new healthy routine, you will give yourself the best chance to stay fit in the long term.

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