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Which sports are recommended for ankle pain?

Do you have weak ankles as a result of a sprain or another injury? Exercising could well be the solution to strengthen them. To maintain good physical condition while taking care of these sensitive joints, some activities, such as swimming or cycling, are more suitable than others.

Is it possible to continue exercising with a sprained ankle?

how to continue exercising with a sprained ankle injury recovery health

A sprained ankle is one of the most common traumas among athletes. Indeed, this joint held by ligaments is stressed during walking, running, jumping and other weight-bearing exercises. From a simple sprain after significant tension on the ligaments to a more serious sprain with a tear, it is necessary to act quickly so as not to aggravate the injury. Once first aid has been administered, and after a little rest, physical activity may well be the best rehabilitation for a weak ankle, even if it seems counter-intuitive.

However, not all disciplines are suitable following an ankle sprain: A physiotherapist will be able to advise you. Three types of exercises are generally recommended:

  • Carry out muscle-strengthening exercises to improve the strength of the joint and prevent a recurrence.
  • To work on proprioception, i.e., the awareness of the position of the body in space. By doing balance training on a moving support, the muscles of the ankles will be better trained to prevent twisting.
  • Whatever your physical activity, pay close attention to the quality of your warm-up and do some stretching after the effort and at the end of the day, even if you haven’t exercised.

 Activities to enjoy with a sore ankle

activities with sore ankle swimming sore ankle rehab injury recovery

If you have a weak ankle, for example, due to a previous injury, you should opt for sports without foot-to-floor contact. Two activities recommended to rehabilitate a weak ankle and to keep fit are:

  • Swimming, which is ideal for sprained ankles because the body is carried by the water: The sensation of effort is less perceptible and the joints are spared. However, take care not to force the legs to kick. Wearing flippers, for example, is not recommended.
  • Cycling: Pedalling strengthens the muscles of the ankle without it taking the weight of the body.
  • Aquabiking is also a good idea, combining the advantages of both practices.

Are you a runner or athlete looking forward to getting back to your favourite sport? While initially, you may prefer to work out more slowly, you can take advantage of this time to diversify your skills by trying out other activities: Cycling, swimming, pilates, yoga or upper bodywork, making sure to follow the recommendations of your physiotherapist or doctor and adapt the movements you do. Once you have the green light from a health professional, you can gradually resume training; you may be surprised by the new skills you’ve acquired!

Exercise bike: Why is it the ideal solution to strengthen your ankles?

exercise bike NordicTrack muscle ligament ankle repair rehabilitation heal.

Compact and accessible at home at all times, an exercise bike is very practical for rehabilitating a weakened ankle! Gentle on the joints, this home fitness equipment is low impact and helps to loosen up while developing the muscles. The adjustable foot support keeps the ankle firmly in line with the shin. NordicTrack offers 5 ranges of premium quality home bikes to suit every athlete, whatever their goals or preferences.

 Commercial Studio Cycles

With the Commercial S10i Studio Cycle, Commercial S15i Studio Cycle and Commercial S22i Studio Cycle, you can travel around the world without leaving your home, thanks to the multiple virtual courses available in the iFit® library. These models take into account the inclination and declination of the terrain for stunning sensations and feature a large HD screen to plunge into the heart of the most beautiful cycling tracks on the planet.

The Classic Upright Series Bikes

NordicTrack’s Classic series gives you access to high-quality fitness equipment, similar to the models present in the gym, to work in the best conditions from your living room. Versatile, comfortable and efficient, they are an essential part of the NordicTrack range.

Recumbent Series Bikes

The semi-extended bike protects the lumbar vertebrae by supporting the kidneys. The work is done sitting in a slightly bent position. It is ideal when resuming exercise or in a rehabilitation context. With 3 models, the VR19, the Commercial VR21 and the VR25, NordicTrack offers the chance for each person to enjoy themselves while taking care of their health.

The Grand Tour Series

The Grand Tour bike is a spinning bike designed for performance! It is very efficient in burning calories and particularly quiet. The dumbbells supplied with the device allow you to diversify your training by mobilising your upper body.

The Biking Series

Fully adjustable, these NordicTrack bikes are designed to ride like a biker, with a position close to that of a racing bike (although it is possible to set up the bikes differently at first in order to spare the ankles). The GX 3.9 is perfect for cardio work and for taking it easy during immersive sessions.

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