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Top 6 of the most beautiful iFit® running courses

Run around the world in dream settings without leaving your home, thanks to the top 6 most beautiful iFit® running courses, both in Europe and on other continents. What could be more motivating than to undertake your running session in an exotic setting? Make your decision and go on an adventure in the most beautiful places to run on the planet.

Travel the world from home


IFit® technology is integrated into all NordicTrack treadmills. Select a standard running course or an interactive virtual training programme from the iFit® library or create your own course using the compatibility of iFit® with common solutions, such as Google Maps. During the workout, the resistance level, the speed and the incline of your fitness equipment will automatically adjust to the configuration of the terrain you have chosen. Therefore, you only need to focus on your performance.

The screen in front of you will display magnificent landscapes. Go on a trip on the most exotic running trails on the planet without any constraints on your time, putting up with the local sanitary conditions or impacting your budget. This approach means running in complete safety and without having to leave your living room.

To get away from it all, just turn on your treadmill and choose which setting you want to train in. Routes are planned for all levels, from guided sightseeing tours, which you follow by walking on your treadmill, to the most beautiful marathons in the world. Also included are some of the world’s most extreme treks in high mountains encountered via the steepest of paths.

The most beautiful iFit® running circuits in Europe


With these 3 iFit® routes, you can explore the most beautiful running courses in Europe and get away from it all, whatever your level of running:

  • The most dynamic: Hannah Eden takes on an assault of Iceland – With this HIIT programme offered by Hannah Eden, you will travel the 1,332 km of Iceland’s Ring Road in 4 weeks and get back in shape by crossing some breathtaking landscapes. Aimed at intermediate level athletes, who already have experience of HIIT, it is ideal for anyone with an objective of weight loss.
  • The most motivating: 10 K Training Series in the Balkans – Discover the Balkan running routes, during a training programme over 4 weeks with 24 sessions, accompanied by the iFit® coach, Tommy Rivers Puzey. He will guide you little by little to pass the 10 km mark on foot. Through a variety of different settings, you will be able to explore the Istrian vineyards or the old town of Dubrovnik.
  • The most vertiginous: Transalpine Running Series – encouraged by your virtual coach, Lucy Bartholomew, you will face the craggy terrain of central Europe with this transalpine course of 7 stages leading you from Germany to Austria and then into Northern Italy. Work on your endurance and train to descend into the heart of some invigorating landscapes.

The most exotic running circuits from around the world


Your iFit® compatible treadmill can take you even further away with these 3 iFit® running circuits situated at various locations the world, and, besides these, you will find many more:

  • The most majestic: Celebrate India Jogging Series – Swetha Devara helps you make the transition from walking to running through some dreamlike settings, including the Taj Mahal, with 12 progressive steps to improve your lung capacity, your endurance and your technical skills.
  • The most legendary: Heaphy Track – opt for one of the famous 9 Great Walks of New Zealand and visit the prestigious Kahurangi National Park on the South Island. Designed for intermediate level runners, this tour will take you beyond your limits!
  • The most exotic: Safari with elephants in Kenya – run in the heart of the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya with a choice of 10 inspiring routes. Go to meet the elephants of Kenya with this course, which is accessible to athletes of all standards.

The iFit® library is constantly being renewed and is enriched with a variety of courses for walkers, hikers and trekkers of all levels. Some workout programmes are specially designed for globetrotters, such as The End of the World, which will introduce you to 16 exercise courses located at the extremes of the planet, or even hiking in Europe, to take to the air and travel the world without needing to leave your living room. Reaching your goals on your treadmill has never been so enjoyable!

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