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Top 10 running applications

Running apps have changed the way athletes think about running. What are their features and how do you choose the right one according to your level and goals? Discover the top 10 free and paid-for running applications.

Everything you need to know about running applications


Whatever your level, you can take advantage of a running app to stay motivated, reach your goals more easily and obtain an accurate follow-up of your progress.

What is the purpose of a running application?

Running apps have become a must-have for many runners, offering several useful features for athletes:

  • Measure the distance travelled, the amount of calories burned, the number of steps taken, the heart rate during exercise via a watch, bracelet or cardio belt, and so on.
  • Receive notifications to motivate yourself to go running or take up personalised challenges.
  • Join a community of runners, with whom you can share your day’s achievements or compare your results.
  • Receive vocal guidance during the race, thanks to virtual coaching solutions.
  • Find your way around and map your routes using the GPS on your phone or smart watch.

How do I use a running app?

Using your smartphone’s app store to install running apps, these applications often require data to personalise your experience: Height, weight, age, step or tread size, goals, etc. Depending on the application you choose, you can set up automatic notifications or create a training schedule.

Once installed, different sensors on the mobile phone are used to monitor your activity in the background while you run: Accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope, etc.

How do you choose the right application based on its function?

If you have just taken up running or returning to the sport to get back into shape, you will surely appreciate the simple running apps that don’t require much data yet offer clear and motivating progression levels. The more comprehensive applications will satisfy more advanced runners with higher performance goals.

The top 5 free running applications


Here are the 5 best free running apps, as well as their main features:

  • The most popular – Nike + Run Club: With its design interface and numerous features, this totally free application has generated a large community of fans. Compatible with smart wristbands, it can be used for running or other fitness activities.
  • The most motivating way to get started – Couch to 5K: The motto of this app is to take you from a sedentary lifestyle to the ability to complete a 5K run in 30 minutes, through a progressive training plan over a 9-week period.
  • The most exotic – Runnin’City: With this app, which was developed in France, take advantage of your running sessions to visit 160 major cities around the world with an audio tourist guide. The interface indicates the directions to take and describes the remarkable monuments and sights. Follow-up data can be accessed at the end of the session.
  • The most fun – Zombies, run: Are you afraid of getting bored? With this English-language app that plays the gaming card, dive into an immersive audio universe, save your city, win items during the race and work in split-second mode during breathtaking chases with zombies.
  • The most rewarding – Running Heroes: What if running could bring you real-life prizes? Compatible with other running apps (Strava, Nike + Run Club, Runkeeper, etc.), Running Heroes allows you to collect points with each step, which can then be converted into vouchers for sports shops or event tickets.

The top 5 paid-for running apps


Many paid-for running apps are available in free versions with fewer features to get familiar with the interface. Here are the 5 most impressive paid-for running apps:

  • The most reliable – Formyfit: In addition to monitoring, Formyfit offers performance forecasts and tools to set personalised goals. This app features a voice coach and is ideal for preparing for a marathon or competition.
  • The most downloaded – RunKeeper: This pioneering running app is one of the best-known in the world. In addition to the free version, which is just as satisfactory for a large number of runners, beginners and experienced runners alike, there is a paid-for version, RunKeeper GO, with real personalised coaching.
  • The most comprehensive – Runtastic: This highly effective app can be used for running as well as for cycling or weight training. With a wide range of tools presented on a dashboard, never lose sight of your distance, altitude, calories or average speed per kilometre. The application is compatible with a large number of smart devices and the PRO version includes voice coaching.
  • The most competitive – Strava: The strength of this running app lies in its community. As a social network, it offers challenges at any time of the day or night and you can motivate yourself, thanks to the encouragement of other runners, share your performances, etc.
  • The easiest to use – Endomondo: Appreciated for its streamlined interface, this versatile application offers many options to customise your training plan, as well as the possibility to interact with your family and friends with audio conversations.

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