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The top 10 most beautiful marathons in the world

As a confirmed runner, do you want to register for a marathon? NordicTrack presents you with an overview of the most legendary and exotic long-distance running courses from around the world. Find out when they are scheduled and how to register for them so that you can take on one of the greatest challenges of your life.

The 5 best urban marathons in the world


Appreciated for the effervescent atmospheres they generate, urban marathons are becoming increasingly popular.

The Paris Marathon

The Paris Marathon has taken place each April, every year since 1976 . It is the second marathon in the world in terms of the number of people who take part, just after that of New York. Departing from the Champs-Élysées, the route offers a breathtaking view of the most beautiful monuments of the City of Light. Ideal for a first marathon attempt, it takes place on relatively flat ground and its incomparable atmosphere will certainly give you wings!

The Berlin Marathon

Ranked among the 6 largest marathons on the planet with one of the fastest courses, the Berlin Marathon has recorded no fewer than 8 world record times. It takes place at end of September. With its wide avenues arranged in straight lines on flat ground that is sheltered from the wind, the route allows you to discover the monuments of this city, such as the Brandenburg Gate, which show off its rich history.

The New York Marathon

Become part of a marathon legend by participating in the most legendary urban marathon in the world! Considered a real party by locals, the New York City Marathon draws crowds every year when it is run on the first Sunday of November. Criss-crossing the 5 districts of the Big Apple, it presents a difference in altitude over the first few kilometres.

The Prague Marathon

Considered one of the most beautiful urban marathons in Europe, the Prague Marathon has brought together in excess of 10,000 runners for more than 25 years, at the beginning of May each year. The start of this flat and pleasant course is run on cobbled streets in the old town.

The Tokyo Marathon

Established in 2007, the Tokyo Marathon is the latest addition to the 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors. Highly anticipated, it brings together more than 35,000 participants at the end of February. Take on the city’s iconic streets, cheered by a crowd of supporters!

The top 5 most exotic marathons on the planet


There is no shortage of ideas if you want to participate in a marathon in a dream setting. Each year, there are more exotic marathons than the last. They offer a unique opportunity to combine tourism with a passion for running!

The Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway

Go on an adventure in the Arctic for breathtaking views of a land where the sun does not set for half of the year. Organised each year in Tromsø, Norway, at the end of June, to coincide with the summer solstice, the Midnight Sun Marathon gives you the chance to live out some magical moments!

The Kauai Marathon in Hawaii

Combine sport and leisure by embarking for Hawaii to take part in an exotic marathon that is run between dream beaches and tropical forests. Accompanied by Hula dancers, the Kauai Marathon brings together runners from all over the world in early September each year.

The Bagan Temple Marathon in Myanmar

Organised at the end of November, the Bagan Temple Marathon offers a unique opportunity to explore the Buddhist temples of Myanmar. Pass through typical local villages and admire breathtaking landscapes, with a course that is without too many changes in elevation but for which, tropical heat is the main difficulty.

The Gold Coast Marathon in Australia

Head to Australia to attempt your personal best time on one of the fastest courses in the world. The Gold Coast Marathon takes place in the heart of the Southern Hemisphere’s winter on the first Sunday in July. Combining surf beaches and hinterland scenery, this internationally renowned marathon offers a unique feel.

The Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa

If it is not your first marathon and you want to push your limits, then take on the 56 km length of this ultra-marathon, which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean. Put on in Cape Town in South Africa during the Easter weekend since 1970, the Two Oceans Marathon crosses the majestic landscapes of the Cape Peninsula in the heart of Southern Africa.

How do you register for a marathon abroad?


 Participating in an overseas marathon takes some planning. Check the online calendars to find the running circuit of your dreams and register as soon as you can.

Administrative procedures

To register for a marathon abroad, visit the official website of the event. Gather the supporting documents requested and keep any of the emails or letters you receive that are related to your participation. A medical certificate is required in some countries, such as France and Italy. It is usually possible to pay for your registration online.

How can you prepare well without being there?

Here are some tips to prepare properly for your marathon:

  • Plan ahead: Sometimes it is necessary to register a whole year in advance.
  • Check the departure times.
  • For some marathons, bibs are collected on site while, at others, they are sent out shortly before the event.
  • Plan a means of refuelling during the race: Depending on the country, the organisation of feeding stations differ.
  • Keep your running kit on your person if you fly.
  • Arrive a few days before the event, to compensate for a possible jet lag and to visit the place.

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