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The 9 (+1) Must-Have Options to Boost Your Performance on Your Exercise Bike

A state-of-the-art exercise bike with high-performance features is a serious asset that will make you want to cycle in all seasons! Discover the essential guide to choosing an indoor bike that matches your needs and your exercise goals and get to know the range of premium exercise bikes available from NordicTrack.

The Comfort and Ergonomics of Your Indoor Bike

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If you want to comfortably pedal for a long time, you won’t regret taking these 3 comfort and ergonomic factors into account when buying your exercise bike:

  • A wide, comfortable saddle with good padding and both horizontal and vertical adjustment options, as on the Classic series bikes.
  • Smooth, quiet movement with SMR™ silent magnetic resistance technology and wide, stable pedals, especially on the Recumbent series of semi-extended bikes, with a real seat to support your back.
  • The ability to control your equipment with a single gesture so that you never have to stop moving during your session, thanks to the OneTouch® system.

Useful Features for Training Efficiently

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If you like indoor cycling, and you’re also looking for a complete set of equipment to create a real home fitness room at home, here are some tips for an effective full-body workout:

  • Opt for a tilt bike, which reproduces the terrain of your route in real-time according to the route set on Google Maps™ or a selected iFit® programme, and mobilise the maximum number of muscle groups to boost your sessions. Bikes with a tilting frame are responsive and offer a road-like feel.
  • Some exercise bikes are specially designed for cross-training sessions, combining bike training with floor exercises. Choose a Commercial Studio Cycle, which comes with two 1.3 kg dumbbells, a 360° rotating screen and speakers: everything you need to follow your trainer’s advice and strengthen your upper body muscles in addition to your bike work.
  • With a built-in fan like the AutoBreeze™ system, experience the same feeling as outdoors and train for longer without the fear of hyperthermia! This option is best appreciated on an exercise bike.

Winning Options for Boosting Your Motivation

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Make your exercise bike sessions truly relaxing by taking advantage of interactive training and the support of internationally renowned coaches to stay motivated no matter what and help you persevere in your efforts:

  • NordicTrack exercise bikes are compatible with iFit® virtual coaching solutions: discover hours of targeted workouts to get you started, find new exercise ideas adapted to your indoor bike model and improve the technical aspects of your choice of workout at your own pace. With a free 1-year subscription, you also get access to equipment-free training videos from your phone or tablet, plus nutrition tips.
  • Your state-of-the-art exercise bike records the number of calories burned, your performance on previous sessions and your heart rate with, for example, an included Bluetooth cardio belt for the Classic series bikes or ECG sensor pulse recording for the Recumbent bikes. You can sign up for challenges and track your success day after day.
  • To get away from it all and forget that you’re exercising, watch sessions filmed in the most beautiful landscapes on the planet on the 22-inch HD screen of your Commercial S22i Studio Cycle: relive the stages of the Tour de France from your living room, climb snow-covered peaks, cycle around the world through videos filmed across all the continents, in short, enjoy yourself, dream and push your limits while having fun!

Bonus: consider space-saving options, such as the ability to easily move your exercise bike on wheels, so it’s out of sight when you’re done with your session. Upright bikes tend to be compact, and the built-in transport wheels of the Space Saver® design are great if you opt for a semi-recumbent bike.

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