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Sports Influencers: 9 Accounts to Follow on Social Media Networks

Now more than ever, sports take place on social networks just as much as they take place on the field. Dive into the world of connected fitness and discover 9 sports influencers to follow on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. You can also find advice from iFit® coaches on social networks.

#Fitspiration: Sport and Social Networks, An Overview of a Trend

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In the age of connected sport, online communities are forming around inspiring hashtags, on channels hosted by great athletes or other sports influencers who have become real stars on social networks. Whether it’s fitness exercises, nutritional advice or training follow-up, or even performance videos, it has never been easier to share the daily life of top athletes.

The emergence of connected sports applications is another aspect of sports activity version 2.0. Whether they are online coaches or sponsors of well-known brands, influencers have made themselves indispensable in just a few years to an ever-widening audience!

The Top 9 Sports Influencers to Watch on the Web

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Bodybuilding, yoga, fitness, running, combat sports or freestyle, sports influencers sharing their passions on the web. Here are 9 influencers to follow for inspiration, motivation or to find new activities to boost your training sessions:

  1. Tibo Inshape: a real star on social networks in France, this young fitness enthusiast from Toulouse has created a community, Team Shape. With a unique style tinged with self-mockery, he delivers sports, nutritional and personal development advice to the 7.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, as well as to his 4.3 million subscribers on Instagram.
  2. Juju Fitcats: Justine Becattini has no less than 2.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. With funny and varied content, she shares her athletic daily life with her community.
  3. Bodytime is a YouTube channel created in 2012 by 2 friends, with more than 1 million subscribers. Their coaching programme includes exercises, targeted sessions dedicated to physical transformation as well as sports nutrition advice. Bodytime’s account is also very popular on Instagram with more than 275,000 followers.
  4. Sonia Tlev: with 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 87,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, the creator of the Top Body Challenge shares her passion for fitness with considerable success. She has also launched an application with sessions corresponding to her training method.
  5. Mathilde Draeger offers running content to her nearly 45,000 subscribers on Instagram. A marathoner at heart, she’s inspired the thousands of runners in her community since 2014.
  6. Marine Leleu is a top-level athlete. A competitor, she regularly stands out during challenges such as the Enduroman, an intense 460 km triathlon course alternating running, swimming and cycling. Her nearly 500,000 Instagram subscribers gather to comment on her achievements.
  7. Séan, alias Arnaud Garnier: first freestyle football world champion at the 2008 Sao Paulo Olympics, he has since been 3-time French champion in this discipline. Ambassador of his own clothing brand, Urbanball, he is also a renowned sports influencer with nearly 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  8. The Yoginist: the classes of Caroline Perrineau, a yoga teacher trained in Bali, are followed by nearly 150,000 subscribers. Also passionate about decoration and travel, she shares her tips for balancing body and mind.
  9. Laury Thilleman: ex-Miss France (2011) and an entrepreneur, she shares content relating to yoga, boxing, fitness and running, even skiing and surfing in season, as well as meditation exercises, with nearly 700,000 Instagram subscribers.

iFit® Coaches: Join the Community!


A pioneer in connected sports, iFit® is the interactive virtual coaching solution compatible with all NordicTrack devices. With numerous disciplines and content for athletes of all levels, the iFit® library contains thousands of hours of fun and addictive training. Sharing their enthusiasm and passion, iFit® coaches can also be followed on social networks:

  • Hanna Eden, @hannaheden_fitness: The Instagram account of the PumpFit club founder has half a million subscribers. Find her HIIT and cardio workouts on iFit® and synchronise the rhythm of your home fitness equipment with her wild series!
  • Ashley Paulson: On the Instagram @ashkickn account, the multi-disciplined athlete shares her victories, such as being the first woman to complete the Squaw Peak 50-Mile Trail Run in June 2020. She enthusiastically guides members of the iFit® community in cycling, running, walking and hiking sessions on trails around the world.
  • Gideon Akande, @getfitwithgiddy: Present on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, this fitness trainer shares her life experiences and workouts, just like in her iFit® sessions.

To get to know the coaches and get an idea of the variety of iFit® sessions, there is only one hashtag to remember: #MeetYouriFitTrainer !

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