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Setting up a fitness area at home: space saving tips

Do you want to set up a fitness area at home but only have a little space to play with? By optimising the available room with versatile accessories, compact equipment and options to improve your comfort, you will enjoy training in the best manner possible.

5 tips for installing a fitness area at home

With a few tips that are simple to put in place, it is possible to create a comfortable and inspiring fitness area, even in a small home:

  • Whether it will be in a dedicated room or a fitness area that’s installed in your living room, your bedroom or your office, choose a bright and ventilated area that is well insulated, easy to clean and which has a solid floor.
  • Make a plan of your fitness area so you can choose  equipment suited to the configuration of the area: allow a gap with furniture and other obstacles so you can move freely and in complete safety. 
  • Placing mirrors will allow you to make sure that your postures are correct, to enlarge the space visually and to keep an eye on your progress, session after session.
  • Install an audio system to listen to music while training. A screen fitted at eye level will also give you the opportunity to watch videos of sports lessons.
  • If you have room, a rest area with an armchair, a towel and a small table – where you can put your water with a small snack for after exercising – will complete the layout.

By following these tips, your fitness area will become a world of its own and you will enjoy spending many hours taking care of yourself in the comfort of your home.

What fitness accessories should you choose when you have little space?

Fitness sessions can be done anywhere with little equipment. To design your home gym space, turn to some essential fitness accessories, preferably versatile ones, so you will be able to perform a wide variety of exercises without cluttering your house:

  • A yoga mat for floor exercises: some roll up easily to free up space after training is finished. 
  • A tilting and / or folding weight bench: muscle building at home is something you can do!
  •  Small, modular dumbbells, on which you can add the desired amount of weight according to your goals.
  •  A pilates ball, also called a Swiss ball, to work on balance and flexibility with a multitude of floor and wall exercises.
  • Elasticated bands: they take up little space and are useful for warming up, stretching or performing certain bodyweight exercises with various levels of resistance.
  • A skipping rope, a classic piece of equipment for working out to music.

Compact equipment designed for small spaces

Some fitness equipment is specially designed for doing cardio exercises in small spaces. They offer performance levels that are similar to classic fitness machines but have a more compact design with dimensions and options that will save you space outside of your workout sessions. Essentially, they can be forgotten about when you are not using them.

Why choose a compact home fitness machine?

With a foldable fitness machine, make sure that you will enjoy optimal comfort during workouts as well as saving space when you switch activities. Perfect for creating a home gym, such equipment frees up space to work on the floor when you want to and then folds out when you want to use it. The premium compact gym equipment now available offers high performance in addition to high-end finishes.

Zoom on 2 fitness machines are ideal for small spaces

The NordicTrack RW 900 is a premium rowing machine that comes with Space Saver® technology. Equipped with a comfortable seat and large pedals, it has 26 levels of magnetic resistance and a 22-inch HD screen. It also incorporates an exclusive air resistance system to make your exercises more intense and to offer a greater sense of realism. This compact device can be easily moved thanks to its integrated castor wheel. It folds up after the workout is finished and fits into any home fitness area. Equipped with a motorised tilting ramp and 22 levels of resistance, the SE7i Space Saver elliptical cross trainer by NordicTrack has a vertical storage system that allows it to be folded in one movement. Indeed, it occupies less than one square metre on the ground. With this high-end equipment, a tablet holder is also provided, as well as a touch screen and speakers for audio playback when training.

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